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The Health Education and Lifestyle Management Center, better known as The HELM Center, was established in 1987 in response to an increased student need for health, wellness and lifestyle management skills. Today, The HELM Center functions as a catalyst for the entire college community promoting awareness of major health issues, the need for physical fitness and the need for better lifestyle management skills. The Center also provides support to individuals making positive behavioral changes toward well-being.

The HELM Center is one of many resources available to students through the Department of Student Affairs. Financial support for the Center, however, comes primarily from the Kingsborough Community College Association, Inc.

The HELM Center addresses a wide array of topics that relate to health and well-being. They include but are not limited to the following:

  • stress management
  • alcohol and substance abuse
  • HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections/diseases
  • cigarette smoking
  • date rape
  • family violence
  • sexual harassment
  • major health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer

The motto of the Center is, "Take charge of your health!" Through its health promotion and illness prevention outreach activities, the Center tries to assist students, faculty, support staff and administrators to a higher level of wellness. The Center reaches out to the college community through:

  • classroom presentations
  • tabling and displays
  • games and simulations
  • health fairs
  • screenings
  • workshop
  • peer counseling
The HELM Center relies greatly on volunteers to help implement its programs. Most of the volunteers come from students enrolled in service oriented programs, peer advisors, faculty and staff.

A schedule of the Center's planned activities is published every semester and distributed throughout the college community. Copies of the schedule are also available in the Center, on corridor bulletin boards and at the Peer Advisor Information Center across from the campus bookstore

The HELM Center is located in Room T7-220.

It is open Monday – Thursday (9:00am - 4:00pm) and usually one evening weekly during the fall and spring semesters. The hours of operation are posted on the door to the Center. When the Center is closed or no one is available, messages may be left on

Voice mail at: (718) 368-4909
FAX at: (718) 368-4788.









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