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Food and food policy are experiencing a boom in New York City today, and an epicenter of this activity is in Brooklyn. Even closer to home (or our place of work), an urban farm is growing at Kingsborough in the T-cluster. At KCC Urban Farm, vegetables, fruits, and herbs are grown by and for students in a variety of programs across campus. The farm now also includes a community garden for use in your classes -- visit our website for more information.

There are opportunities for students and faculty to be trained as urban farmers, and to learn how to harvest, process, and cook fresh produce. There are also many opportunities to incorporate the urban farm, and local food production more generally, into curricula across disciplines.    


Please join facilitator Mara Gittleman (Farm Education Manager) - for a series of discussions about how we might use this resource--incorporating it into current currucula and designing courses and/or modules around it--and how the various constituents of the KCC community can get involved.

For more information, please contact Mara at kccurbanfarm@kbcc.cuny.eduand please visit our wiki.













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