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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Program


Got questions about your students' learning?

Then join KCTL's Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Program, led by Loretta Brancaccio- Taras (Biological Sciences, KCeL) and Janine Graziano (English, KCTL). 

The SoTL Program is offered in three major parts:                                                                   

Loretta Brancaccio Taras

Loretta Brancaccio-Taras

Part 1: Getting Started

In Part 1 you will be guided in

  • reading and discussing preliminary SoTL materials,

  • framing research questions based on observations of your own teaching and learning experiences, and 

  • becoming certified to do research with human subjects and submitting an IRB application.

      Janine Graziano

Part 2: Designing Your Project

In Part 2 we will

  • discuss sample SoTL articles and consider various research designs, and

  • look at a variety of classroom assessment techniques.

Part 3: Going Public

In Part 3 we will

  • discuss the structure of SoTL articles, including conceptual framework, lit review, methods, evidence, and reflection; and

  • identify appropriate places for publishing your work.                                                                                    

Ongoing Support for your project will be offered through

  • regular meetings with other faculty working on SoTL projects to discuss progress, and

  • one-on-one, hands-on assistance from the facilitators and Chris Calienes (Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning) with designing your project, analyzing and interpreting data, and revising your manuscript.

For more information, please contact KCTL (                                                 

Want to see some SoTL projects by faculty at Kingsborough?

Petra Symister (Behavioral Sciences) and Sarwar Jahangir (Biological Sciences)
Gordon Young (Communications and Performing Arts)
Mohamed Lakrim (Biological Sciences)

Want to see SoTL in action? 

       Click here to see a sample of online SoTL journals

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