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Certified Pharmacy Technician

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Pharmacy Technician (CPhT)
The Pharmacy Technician assists the hospital and neighborhood pharmacist in a variety of technical tasks. Become familiar with medical and drug terminology, and understand laws and ethics relating to the pharmaceutical profession. (120 clock hrs)

CTF 41 Medical Terminology and Pharmaceutical Calculations (T) $275
MonWed 6:45-9:45pm Jan 10-March 23
Learn medical and pharmacy terminology and how to identify drug related problems. Recognize the difference between generic and brand name medications. Learn how to interpret and process drug prescriptions and develop proficiency with basic skills in determining accurate drug calculations.

 CTF 42 Concepts of Pharmacology (T) $275
TueThur 6:45-9:45pm Jan 11-March 17
Discover how pharmacology relates to our anatomical system and the actions of various drugs and their subsequent disorders. Review the body systems along with their treatment options. Become familiar with parenteral solutions and the special handling of chemotherapeutic drugs.
Prerequisite: CTF 41, RCL 39 or basic computer skills.
Materials Fee: $25. White lab coat required (purchased separately) not included in materials fee.

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