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College For Kids (CFK)
For children 6* to 13 years old
*Six year-olds are enrolled in a special CFK program. Half Day (morning only) Program: 9:45am-Noon
Note: Students cannot enroll in the afternoon program only. Every student enrolls for two (2) courses

You may choose:
• 2 Academic Classes, (1 hr. each) or
• 1 Academic Class (1 hr.) and 1 Active Class (1 hr.) or
• 1 Intensive Class (2 hr.)

Full-Day Program (Sat. only): 9:45am-3:15pm
The full-day College For Kids program gives the children two more sessions and includes a lunch. Each student enrolls for four courses, only two may be non-consecutive ACTIVE courses.

You may choose:
• 4 Academic Classes (1 hr. each) or
• 2 Academic Classes and 2 Active Classes or
• 1 Intensive Class (2 hr.) and 1 Academic Class (1 hr.) and 1 Active Class (1 hr.) or
• 1 Intensive Class (2 hr.) and 2 Academic Classes (1 hr. each)

Course Days & Times:
Saturday and/or Sunday Morning: 9:45-10:45 am and 11am-12noon. Saturday Afternoon:1-2pm and 2:15-3:15 pm. Lunch from 12:15-12:45pm)
Please indicate choices for the first, second, third and fourth hours on the registration form.
Note: No class transfers after the second class session.

Hurry, high-demand classes fill up quickly!
Start & End Dates:

Saturday Classes begin January 29 and end March 19.
Sunday Classes begin January 30 and end March 20.

Course Fees - Morning Only (Sat and/or Sun)
• $85 plus a $25 non-refundable registration fee and materials fees where indicated.

Course Fees - Full-Day Saturday Only (AM and PM)
• $215 (includes lunch), plus a $25 non-refundable registration fee and materials fees where indicated.

Note to Parents:
Children change classes like real college students.
• Parents are encouraged to show first-time students how to get to their classrooms the first day, since children are not escorted individually. Staff, identifiable by badges, are on hand to direct students.
• In order to drive on campus, parents must purchase a parking permit for $22. Permits are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you do not have a parking permit, please arrange for your child(ren) to meet you at a pre-designated location.
• KCC will NOT be liable for the loss or theft of any items.

Six Year-Olds Program
Early Kiddie College Experience!
Sat AM & PM and Sun AM
Six-year olds are encouraged to explore, imagine and have fun, while in a separate learning environment from the older children. For more information call: 718-368-5052
Two-Hour Courses
Note: These are 2-hour classes that include a short break. Please bring pencil and paper to every class.

CIK 05 Science Exam Prep for Grade 4 SatSun AM
Explore the exciting world of science, while preparing for the Science Assessment Exam.
Book fee: $20

English Language Arts Exam Prep SatSun AM
Reduce anxiety and test jitters, prepare for the New York State Language Arts Exam
Exam dates: Tuesday, May 3 - Friday, May 6

CIK 21 Language Arts Exam Prep: Grade 3
CIK 22 Language Arts Exam Prep: Grade 4
CIK 23 Language Arts Exam Prep: Grade 5
CIK 24 Language Arts Exam Prep: Grade 6
CIK 25 Language Arts Exam Prep: Grade 7
Book fee: $20

Math Exam Prep SatSun AM
Improve your testing performance, prepare for the New York State Math Exam.
Exam dates: Wednesday, May 11 - Friday, May 13

CIK 26 Math Exam Prep: Grade 3
CIK 27 Math Exam Prep: Grade 4
CIK 28 Math Exam Prep: Grade 5
CIK 29 Math Exam Prep: Grade 6
CIK 30 Math Exam Prep: Grade 7
Book fee: $20

CIK 77 Cooking for Kids Sat AM
Learn how to be safe in the kitchen while cooking a variety of dishes. Students will mix, measure and stir up breakfast and lunch, as well as a snack option. Kids will also learn about nutrition and healthy choices while preparing their meals.
Designed for children 10-13 years old.

Materials Fee: $25

Academic Courses

CFK 01 Improve your Reading Skills Sat AM
Individual and small group instruction designed to improve reading comprehension and basic reading skills. Recommended for children 7-9 years of age.

CFK 02 Read it Right NEW! Sat AM
Now that you have the basics, learn how to enjoy reading in both large and small groups.
Recommended for children 10-13 years of age.

CFK 04 Bang That Drum NEW! Sat PM Sun AM
Express your inner rhythm through drums and other percussion instruments from various cultures.

CFK 11 Fun with Numbers Sat AM
Math is presented in a fun, non-threatening fashion to increase comfort levels and understanding in the subject. Recommended for children 7-9 years of age.

CFK 12 ArithmaTRICKS Sat AM
Games, activities, tips and quick tricks in a highly energized environment make problem solving fun.
Recommended for children 10-13 years of age.

CFK 13 Compositions and Book Reports Sat AM
Learn to explain the theme, setting, plot and characters in an organized and coherent fashion.

CFK 15 Chess: Beginner and Other Games of Strategy Sat AM
Learn the basics of chess while discovering strategies for games such as Othello, Risk and Stratego.

CFK 20 Conversational Spanish Sat PM
This Spanish class aims to develop your listening and speaking skills. You will learn basic grammar, vocabulary and practical communication skills.

CFK 23 Jewelry, Crafts and Wearable Arts Sat PM
Create your own style! Make beautiful jewelry that you can wear.
Materials Fee: $10

CFK 25 Crime Busters Sat PM
An introduction to detective science. Learn to take and analyze fingerprints, detect crime solving, and more.

CFK 29 Magic Words Sat PM
Build confidence, learn values, manners, poise and style.

CFK 30 Fairy Tales on Trial:
Kids Court Sat PM
Find out how our legal system works and what would happen to fairy tale characters if we put them on trial. You will play a judge, juror, prosecutor/defense attorney or witness.

CFK 31 Gadgets, Gizmos and Goop Sat PM Sun AM
Experience life as a mad scientist in a lab full of bubbling potions and mechanical marvels.
Materials Fee: $10

CFK 32 Guitar: Beginner Sat AM
Learn basic chord patterns, picking techniques, and how to tune your own guitar. Bring a tuned acoustic guitar, four picks and an extra set of strings.

CFK 39 Fun with Magic Sat AM
Be the life of the party and learn the secrets of the masters with card tricks, disappearing coins, balloons, and wiggling ropes.
Materials Fee: $10

CFK 41 Broadway - Here I Come! Sat AM
Learn the poise, script writing, stage direction, and vocal delivery that it takes to be a star!

CFK 48 Piano: Beginner Sat AM & PM Sun AM
Learn to play songs on the keyboard in this fun introductory piano class.

CFK 55 Be An Artist Sat AM
Use your imagination to make masterpieces in various artistic mediums.
Materials Fee: $10

CFK 64 Game Show Marathon Sat AM
You watch them on TV, now here’s your chance to be a contestant on a popular TV game show!
Students will have an opportunity to appear on BCAT TV

CFK 71 Lego Architects Sat AM & PM
Let your imagination guide you as you build planes, cars, boats, buildings, or create your own animal or monster.
Materials Fee: $10

CFK 72 Around the World in 8 Days Sat PM Sun AM
Virtually travel around the world. Learn geography and history on a continent-by-continent basis.

CFK 77 Digital Rock Star Sat PM
Rock out using a computer and/or traditional instruments to create and edit your own songs.

Active Courses

CFK 80 Karate Kids Sat AM
Become skilled in self-control, physical coordination and conditioning while learning sparring and self defense. Wear loose clothing.

CFK 83 Get Up and Move! Sat PM
This upbeat class will get you moving and show you how fun exercise can be.

.CFK 84 Think You Can Dance? Sat AM
Put your dancing shoes on and join us in learning fun dances and trendy dance moves.
Non-slip socks required.

CFK 86 Kids @ Play! NEW! Sat PM
Play a different recess game every Saturday: dodgeball, kickball, steal-the-bacon, duck-duck-goose, relay races or Red Rover.
Recommended for children 7-9 years of age.

CFK 90 Swimming Sat AM & PM Sun AM
Beginners gain confidence in the water and those with some swimming ability learn kicking, stroking and breathing. Bring towel, swimsuit and a combination lock.
Children must be at least 52" tall to swim.

NO EXCEPTIONS .You will be measured!

CFK 91 Volleyball for Kids Sun AM
Learn the basic skills of volleyball including the bump, set, pass, and serve while learning how to work as a team unit. Kingsborough Community College Continuing Education
Tel: 718-368-5052 Fax: 718-368-5200

CFK 94 Indoor Soccer Sat AM
Learn the basic skills, rules and tactics of soccer. Practice kicking, trapping, passing the ball and shooting. You must wear sneakers.

CFK 95 Capoeira - Afro-Brazilian
Martial Arts NEW! Sat PM Sun AM
Awaken your artistic, musical and creative aspects, while developing coordination. Movements involve the entire body and help develop strength and increase flexibility.

CFK 96 Basketball Sat AM & PM
Learn the basic strategies and regulations of basketball, including various offensive maneuvers and defensive strategies.

CFK 97 Tennis Sat AM & PM Sun AM
Develop the skills to compete successfully at the popular game of tennis.
Materials Required: One sealed can of 3 tennis balls and an appropriately sized racquet.

Dance Audition Preparation

Dance Audition Prep
Brighton Ballet Theatre offers the expertise of professional dance specialists to assist your child in choreographing dance, practicing, and polishing routines for any type of dance audition, such as Broadway, commercial try-outs and performance-oriented specialty schools requiring a dance talent component for admission.
Contact Brighton Ballet @ 718 769-9161 for more information

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