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Project rise

Project Rise 

Project Rise was a comprehensive GED® preparation program that was enhanced with comprehensive college and career readiness. This year-long program offered up to 12 months of full time GED® classes, 18 weeks of paid internship, job readiness training, credit bearing academic courses, employment placement assistance, and individualized support. Participants received supportive and guidance for a 12 twelve months. While enrolled, students received: 

  • Metrocards
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Virtual Enterprise classes
  • Urban Farming experience
  • Preparation to earn industry recognized certificates
  • College and career counseling
  • Supportive services
  • Full KCC student privileges including library, gym and beach access, and so much more!

Project Rise is no longer accepting participants.

For news and updates about Project Rise, visit CEWD's blog:

Project Rise's Mission Statement and Core Values:

Project Rise is a Center for Economic and Workforce Development initiative at Kingsborough. We provide educational, internship and employment services to young adults. The program prepares participants for the GED® exam, supports the development of work readiness skills and provides opportunities for participants to acquire gainful employment.

  1. We commit to creating an environment where students feel supported while they work towards their individual career and education goals, and are empowered to follow the life path they choose.
  2. We will encourage participants to advocate for themselves because we recognize that each student is an individual, that all students are creative, and that all students need to succeed.
  3. We endeavor to respect the individuals' needs and provide support for the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of each participant.
  4. We commit to providing participants with opportunities to prepare for the General Education Diploma Exam through regular instruction and practice.
  5. We aim to provide participants with linkage and referrals to acquire gainful employment through internship, work readiness, and job placement.
  6. We strive to infuse our program with opportunities to further participants’ education through college credit offerings and industry recognized certifications.
  7. Ultimately, we aspire to shape life-long learners who actively participate in their communities and with the world at large. 

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