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Monday and Friday
9:30am - 5pm
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  
9:30am - 8:30pm
Room C 102

**Evening hours are only available
when class is in session

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New Start Program for Spring 2015

If you believe you are a candidate for the New Start Program,
please complete the CUNY online application 
at the Kingsborough One Stop Center in Room V-100

Call 718-368-6700 for hours of operation

Please provide the required documentation when you apply:

Documentation Required:

1- Official College Transcripts from ALL colleges attended, including CUNY colleges.
2- Proof of High School graduation (if you have completed less than 24 college credits) or GED.
3-  Proof of immunization

4- $70.00 check or money order payable to UAPC if required (cash is not accepted). This fee will be waived only if you were enrolled at a CUNY college during the Fall 2014 semester.


IF you have any questions about the New Start Program, please call the New Start Office at (718) 368-5115 or e-mail
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