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"Helping those left behind" Chancellor Matthew Goldstein

"CUNY Starts Program to Improve Community College Graduation Rates" Chronicle of Higher Education

"Program will be national model for Community Colleges" CUNY Matters News

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“CUNY ASAP is designed to provide NewYork City with the educated workforce that it must have in order to stay competitive with cities around the world.”
—Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

ASAP recruits before each Fall semester for a limited number of seats. All students interested in ASAP must (1) apply and commit to Kingsborough Community College and (2) take the CUNY Assessment Test (CAT). Additionally, students must have completed both the FAFSA and TAP applications. In order to be eligible, students must meet particular residency, credit, financial, and developmental/remedial course criteria. New students who take the placement exam and meet the academic criteria will be contacted by the ASAP office and invited to an ASAP information session. KBCC ASAP accepts students who are either fully proficient (no remedial needs) or need only ENGLISH 93 or MATH 200 based on the CUNY Assessment Test scores.

The City University of New York’s
Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP)is an exciting program that enables eligible students to earn their associate degree as quickly as possible. The ASAP Program at Kingsborough Community College draws on the best resources of the College to prepare our students to complete their associate degree and transfer to a four-year college/university of their choice.
Students are required to complete a minimum of twelve (12) credits each semester (not counting winter or summer modules) and commit to earning their Associate’s degree within two to three years. The hallmarks of the Kingsborough ASAP program include:

Tuition Waiver
ASAP students eligible for federal and/or state financial aid receive additional ASAP funding to pay the balance of tuition and school fees (if necessary).

Voucher for Textbooks

ASAP students receive a voucher to assist with the cost of their textbooks each semester.

Monthly MetroCards

Each month ASAP students are eligible to receive a monthly unlimited MetroCard to travel to and from campus.

Connected Community

All ASAP students are required to attend our Summer Institute at the end of August/beginning of September. The institute connects students with their ASAP peers and advisors and introduces them to the college campus and student life.

Block Schedule
During the first year we provided ASAP students a range of scheduling options designed to help them balance college life with the demands of work and family. ASAP students choose from a variety of convenient morning, afternoon, evening class schedules.

Academic Support
ASAP students are assigned to an academic advisor. The role of an advisor is to be a facilitator, coach, teacher, counselor and mentor. The advisors at Kingsborough Community College provide academic advisement to motivate and maximize the development and growth of ASAP students. They assist students in gaining knowledge and awareness of their strengths and weaknesses as well as the skills that are necessary for academic and personal success. Specifically, the advisors provide timely and accurate information regarding curriculum and graduation requirements, assess student progress to identify at-risk students to refer to appropriate campus resources and aid students in developing an academic plan with appropriate course sequencing in all majors, and guide students through the transfer process to baccalaureate programs. Throughout the academic year, skilled tutors work with ASAP students to give them an academic boost outside the classroom. Students taking a developmental class are expected to take supplemental sessions to assist them in passing their developmental class.

Career Counseling
Our Career Counselor works with ASAP students to develop their resume, strengthen interview skills, explore career interests and coordinate campus job opportunities.

Laptop Computer Preferred Borrowing Privileges
ASAP students have the privilege to participate in a lap top loaner program which enables them to borrow a lap top for five
(5) days. The laptops can be taken off campus. This service supports ASAP students who have limited computer access off campus.


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