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The City University of New York


Total credits: 60
Requirements for Matriculants


Successful completion of CUNY/ACT Tests in Reading and Writing and the COMPASS Math Skills Test with passing examination scores or remedial courses may be required.

One (1) Writing Intensive course in any discipline from any category below is required. Such courses are designated "W". Participation in a Learning Community that includes ENG 12 also satisfies this requirement. 

ENG 01200 4 credits
ENG 02400 3


All Majors MUST TAKE:

Concepts of Wellness (HPE 01200) 3 credits
Introduction to Community Health (COH 01100) 3
Critical Issues in Community Health (COH 01200) 3
Principles of Epidemiology (COH 01300) 3
Community Health Interventions (COH 02000) 3

Introduction to Computer Concepts (BA 06000) or Office Computer Applications (TEC 02500)* or Introduction to Computers and Computer Applications (CP 01100) *


Plus, select ONE of the following options:

Introduction to Gerontology (MH 03500) 3 credits
Therapeutic Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities I or II (RPE 03100 or RPE 03500) 3
Perspectives on Death and Dying (NUR 04300) 3
Fundamentals of Business (BA 01100) 3
Organizational Behavior and Management (BA 03100) 3
Macroeconomics (ECO 01200) or * Microeconomics (ECO 01300) 3

Two of the following: Women’s Health Issues (HE 03800), Drugs: The Individual and Society (HE 04000), Nutrition and Health (HE 04200), or Human Sexuality (HE 05200)

6 credits
Field Experience in Community Health (COH 091E1) 3
Introduction to Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counseling (SAC 02000) 3 credits
Basic Counseling Techniques in Substance Abuse Field I (SAC 02200) 3
Confidentiality, Ethics and the Counselor/Client Relationship in Substance Abuse Counseling (SAC 02600) 3


For Health Administration, 9 credits should be selected from Groups A plus ECO 01200 or 01300 from B.

All other concentrations choose nine (9) credits from A and B: A minimum of three (3) credits from each group plus three (3) more credits in another discipline from either A or B. Choose courses in consultation with a faculty advisor so that courses chosen transfer well to the baccalaureate program.

A. Arts and Humanities 

Disciplines: Art - Foreign Language - Literature - Media and Film Studies - Music - Philosophy - Speech - Theatre Arts
(Excluded are Art & Music Studio, Theatre Production & Technique courses)

For Health Administration Concentration select 9 credits each course from a different discipline with the exception of a Foreign Language in which two-semesters of the same language may be taken. For all other concentration, select 3 - 6 credits.
Recommended Courses: The Visual Experience (ART 03100), The Musical Experience (MUS 03100), Effective Public Speaking (SPE 02100), or Introduction to Theatre Arts (THA 05000)
Ethics: A Study of Ethical Problems (PHI 07400) or Ethics and Morality in the Health Professions (PHI 07600)

3-9 credits
B. Behavioral and Social Sciences  

PSY 01100, PSY 03200 and SOC 03100 are required for all majors.
For Health Administration Concentration, ECO 01200 or ECO 01300 required.
All other concentrations select 3 - 6 credits from among the following disciplines:

Economics - History - Political Science

12-15 credits
C. Mathematics and Sciences

A Mathematics course (e.g., MAT 00700 or MAT 00900 or MAT 02000),
MAT 02000 preferred for Health Administration concentration

3-4 credits
A laboratory course in Biological Sciences (e.g., BIO 01100, BIO 01300, or BIO 03300)
4 credits


•This program is within the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department.
*Students who demonstrate proficiency in computer concepts may request permission from the Program Directors to complete 3 credits in Health Education instead.

Course Offerings
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