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Events and Other Information

Finals forms are due by October 23rd 2015.

The link below will take you to a list of CUNY scholarships available for students with disabilities.



  Movies/Videos Related to Autism 


"The Story of Luke"     95min (link takes you to promotional video of feature film)

"A comedy about Luke, a young man with autism who embarks on a quest for a job and a girlfriend. Starring Lou Taylor Pucci, Seth Green, Cary Elwes and Kristin Bauer. Written and Directed by Alonso Mayo, based on his experiences at Centro Ann Sullivan del Perú, as seen in his research documentary “Just Like Anyone“. Winner of Best Film at Irvine International Film Festival & San Diego Film Festival, and Audience Awards at Fort Lauderdale Film Festival & Bahamas International Film Festival.

Luke, 25, is autistic and lives a sheltered life with his grandparents. But his world is suddenly turned upside down when his grandmother dies and he is forced to live with his dysfunctional relatives who have no patience for him or his senile grandfather, who they quickly force into a nursing home. Luke is left with his grandfather’s final semi-coherent words: “Get a job. Find a girl. Live your own life. Be a man!” For the first time in his life, Luke has a mission. He is about to embark on a quest."


 "I Want to Say"           27 mins

'I Want to Say' is a 27-minute documentary short, produced by Goodby Silverstein & Partners and production company Bodega, that tells the story of Hacking Autism, a newly adopted Autism Speaks initiative devoted to unlocking the voices of children with autism through technology.

The film sprang from the desire to share the true stories of hope of six children with autism who communicated for the first time through the use of touch technology. It highlights the growing prevalence of autism (recently reported to affect 1 in 88), the parents' emotional struggle to communicate with their children, and the hope and promise that came with introducing assistive technology to the autism community.

I Want to Say chronicles the lives of several children from the Hope Technology School in Palo Alto, an inclusive school with both typical and special-needs students working together. Students and teachers here, sparked the discovery that touch technology can empower those with autism to communicate with their families after years of silence and even tell their parents they love them for the first time. The film also features Temple Grandin, a hero in the autism community.

Kayla Takeuchi, a young woman we meet in the documentary, defines her goal as simply being able "to change the way people view us."

The film has screened at Industrial Light and Magic, Pixar and in theaters in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.


"Understanding Asperger's Syndrome - Personal experiences"         15 mins

 Karen describes the challenges of living with Asperger's syndrome. She shares personal stories and valuable insights into the often misunderstood condition. She gives some great tips for those who may themselves have Asperger's Syndrome or may know someone who is an "Aspi".


 Disability Related Student Clubs   



Phone/Text: (971)-Club-ASL (258-2275)


Facebook Logo KCC ASLClub


Students Unlimited Logo

Students Unlimited has been a club on the KBCC campus for over 10 years and has always been committed to bringing awareness to the KBCC community.  We attempt, through events on campus, to inform people of the struggles, injustices, achievements and strengths of people with disabilities here at KBCC and worldwide.


Phone/Text: 347-766-Club (2582)


Facebook Logo Studentsunlimited Kingsborough 



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