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Why should you enroll in KCC’s T&H Program?


  • The hottest major with programs in: Hotel and Tourism Management, Marine Technology Mgmt, Culinary Arts and Food and Beverage Management, and Sports Management
  • State of the art smart classrooms and computer labs
  • Leading industry software such as Sabre and Micros Opera
  • Instruction that leads to industry certifications from CLIA and AH&LA, NRA
  • Highly successful internship programs
  • Innovative, award winning instructional methodologies (VE)
  • Top-notch faculty with previous industry experience
  • Small student-teacher ratio
  • Lowest tuition in the NYC area

FAQs of the Culinary Arts Program

Q: How do I get into the program?

A: The culinary arts program does not accept students directly into the culinary degree or certificate from CUNY or Kingsborough admissions. The reason is simple—we are a small program and want to ensure that everyone in the program is committed to the challenges of the profession and has the necessary academic preparedness to succeed.

The requirements for admission into Culinary Arts are:

1. Passing scores on Part I of the Compass math exam.

2. Passing scores on the CUNY Reading exam.

3. Good academic standing (2.0 or higher) if transferring or changing majors.

4. Interview with program director or chef-instructor to discuss college and career goals and program expectations.

5. Read and understand the following statement:

Professional cooking is physically demanding. Students in the CA major or taking CA courses should be comfortable:

Lifting 50 pounds above waist height.

Possessing full range of motion to bend, kneel, squat and reach.

Standing for at least five continuous hours.

Performing repeated motion tasks such as slicing and whisking.

Currently enrolled Kingsborough students should request a meeting with a full-time culinary arts faculty member to discuss their eligibility for the culinary arts major and the effect of changing majors on degree progress.

Applicants to Kingsborough should apply to the college in another major (we recommend the AAS in Tourism and Hospitality, code 34) and make an appointment with a full-time culinary arts faculty member after they receive their scores on the CUNY assessment tests for English and Math to discuss switching to culinary arts. Students who fail the placement exams can take developmental coursework and apply for admission to culinary arts in a future semester.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact the Department of Tourism and Hospitality at 718-368-5143 or visit us in room V226.

Q: I don’t want to be a chef. I just want to take a few classes for enrichment. Do you have those?

A: Our program is a degree program preparing you for a professional career. Just as you wouldn’t go to medical school for a first aid course, you should not go to culinary school to learn basic home cooking. One course in our program, TAH 8210, is designed for non-majors and fulfills a cooking requirement for the nutrition major at Kingsborough.

Q: Do you offer evening and weekend courses? I work full time.

A: We do not have a full evening and weekend program but do offer some evening and weekend classes. That means that to complete the program you will have no choice but to take weekday classes at some point. If your work schedule is not flexible, this is not the program for you.

Q: Do you provide job placement?

A: The college’s Career Counseling and Transfer Office (C102) is available for your use. In addition, we maintain a listserv of culinary students and alumni. When employers approach us with open positions we pass them on to you so that you can apply but we don’t "place" you in a job.

Q: What are starting wages for a graduate of your program?

A: Not as much as you want them to be. Our graduates typically start at around $9-12 per hour unless they have previous experience.

Q: Where are your graduates employed?

A: Our students and alumni intern and work in a variety of settings. Employers and internship preceptors include: Hill Country Barbecue, Hill Country Chicken, Celebrate at Snug Harbor, Food Karma Productions, MI-5, St. Anselm, 101, Georgia’s East Side Barbecue, Pinch, Le Cirque, Aviator Sports and Recreation, Applebee’s, Max’s Es-Ca, brgr, Whole Foods, Peaches, Lily & Fig, Tarralucci e Vino, NY Cake, Mazza ‘n More, Clyde Frazier’s Wine & Dine, Colors, Jo Mart Chocolates, Bistro 915, Our Heroes, Lou G. Siegel Caterers, Suenos, and many others.

Q: Can I transfer to a senior college with this degree?

A: Yes. Our graduates have gone to NYC College of Technology (CUNY), Brooklyn College, New York University, University of Wisconsin, Drexel University, Johnson and Wales University, Monroe College and Temple University.

Q: Do I need knives?

A: We provide knives for you to use in class. We recommend that you buy your own kit before internship as many employers expect cooks to bring their own knives. We have worked with the KCC bookstore to stock an affordable yet quality set.

Q: Do I need to be in uniform on the first day of class?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I have to do an internship?

A: Yes. An internship course, CA 92, is required for graduation.

Q: Do you place me in an internship? Is it paid?

A: We will help you find an internship but do not "place" you. As for any job, you will need to interview and be hired. Internships may be paid or unpaid. Students like paid; employers like unpaid.

Q: Can I use my current job as an internship?

A: Please consult the internship professor. Probably not, unless you are meeting the course outcomes in your current job.

Q: How do I know which books I need for class?

A: Check with the bookstore. It is a good idea to check with your professor before buying or renting books. Some books are used in multiple courses so renting is not advisable. Others require a certification exam answer sheet.

Q: What is the uniform requirement?

A: Clean white chef coat with KCC logo (available in KCC bookstore).

White skullcap (available in KCC bookstore). Long hair tied back and covered under a hairnet.

Black, slip resistant, closed-toe work shoes. No high heels or sandals.

Bimetallic stem thermometer

Black permanent marker

No jewelry.

Nails clean, unpolished, and trimmed. No fake nails or long nails.

Clean apron and side towel, laundered on your own.

Black work pants or checked chef pants. No shorts/skirts/dresses/tights/sweatpants

No perfumes, colognes, or strong scents.

Q: Do I have to clean?

A: Yes.

Q: Are classes hands-on?

A: Most culinary classes (CA 1, CA 2, CA 3, CA 11, CA 12, TAH 72, TAH 74, CA 8201) are one hour lecture, four hours hands-on lab. Some classes (CA 21, CA 50, CA 60, TAH 71, TAH 43) are lectures with limited hands-on activities.

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