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Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Program Accreditation



The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) serves the public by establishing and monitoring standards and criteria that assure quality in the entry-level preparation of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, and that reflect the evolving nature of education, research, and practice characteristics of physical therapy.  The Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Kingsborough Community College is accredited by CAPTE.  This required accreditation insures program graduates eligibility for licensing in any state within the United States.  The most recent accreditation period continues through 2015.

As a result of two years (2011, 2012) of lower than expected retention/graduation rates, CAPTE has changed the PTA Program status to Probationary Accreditation.  All PTA programs are expected to maintain a minimum three year retention/graduation rate of 60%.  Since the two years of the lower retention rates the program has experienced retention rates of 75%, 67%, and 92%.  These higher retention/graduation rates can be partially attributed to program policies that address and enhance student academic support.  These policies include enhanced student advisement and changes in classroom practices.  Based upon the above retention statistics, program faculty are confident that the Probationary Accreditation status will soon be rescinded and “Accreditation” status restored. 

 Probationary Accreditation is an accredited status, but it does signal compliance issues in the program that are significant enough to jeopardize the quality of the program and that if not addressed, may result in accreditation being withdrawn. CAPTE has reached this decision after a thorough review of materials provided by the program. The compliance issues have been clearly identified in CAPTE’s Summary of Action and a time line for addressing the issues has been established. Normally, Probationary Accreditation does not extend beyond two years; CAPTE can, however, withdraw accreditation at any time a program is on probation if the situation warrants such an action.

 Because Probationary Accreditation is an accredited status, students currently enrolled in the program who graduate in a timely manner will graduate from an accredited program. Similarly, prospective students who are admitted to the program are admitted to an accredited program. However, if in the future CAPTE withdraws accreditation, only students enrolled in the final twelve months of the program at the time of the final decision to withdraw accreditation will be considered by CAPTE to be graduates of an accredited program.

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