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Lesson 7 Community Interaction

Self Study Test


I. Introduction

A. What is community?

B. Contrasting views of ecologists.

C. What is an ecological niche?


II. Interaction between communities

A.Interspecific interaction

1. Competitive exclusion principal

2. Resource partitioning

B. Predator and prey interactions

C. Symbiosis


III. Community structure

A. Trophic structure

B. Dominant species

C. Factors that affect the community structure


IV. Community structure

A. State of nonequalibrium

B. Causes of disturbance

1. Human

2. Ecological succession

a. Primary succession

b. Secondary succession


V. Factors affecting biodiversity

A. What is a community diversity

B. Biogeographic factors affect biodiversity:

1. Proximity to the equator

2. Geographical size

3. Proximity between islands and mainlands


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