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 Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement has become an increasingly important mission at Kingsborough Community College. All students are now required to have two civic engagement experiences as part of what is needed for graduation. Many of the courses within the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services offer Civic Engagement opportunities which should be designated as such on CUNYFirst.

Students can satisfy the Civic Engagement graduation requirement in any of the following ways: a certified CE course (where Civic engagement is essential to the learning outcomes for that course), a component CE course (where a portion of some courses’ content is devoted to civic engagement), or through a non- course related experience (where students satisfy an experience independent of a KCC course).

Civic Engagement experiences can be satisfied via many courses within the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services such as Education, Mental Health, Psychology, and Anthropology. Currently all SOC, ANT, MH, and SAC courses are CE certified. Further, the following courses needed for the Education program, are CE certified: EDC 200, EDC 2100,EDC 2200, EDC 2300, EDC 3000, EDC 3100, EDC 90A4, EDC 9105, EDC 9307, and PSY 3500. While Psychology courses are not CE certified yet, please see CUNYFirst for a possible CE component designation for particular PSY 32 sections.

For more information about Best Civic Engagement practices within the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services, please click here.

For more information about Civic Engagement, please see the website for the Center for Civic Engagement here at KBCC:

Please also see the website for the Office of Service Learning at:


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