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Chairperson: Dr. Susan Farrell 
Deputy Chairperson: Dr. Michael Miranda

CUNY Office Assistant: Cynthia Olvina
College Assistant: Dorothy Weinberger

Office Location: D-309
Tel: (718) 368-5630
Fax: (718) 368-4887

The Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services offers a full range of courses in the disciplines of Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology. These courses satisfy college degree and program requirements for the CUNY Pathways Flexible Core, groups A-E (Pathways: Common Core).

    Go to the complete listing of courses in:

    • Information about Anthropology Courses and Anthropology Instructors
    • Information about Psychology
    • The American Psychological Association defines psychology as the study of the mind and behavior. The discipline embraces all aspects of the human experience — from the functions of the brain to the actions of nations, from child development to care for the aged. In every conceivable setting from scientific research centers to mental healthcare services, "the understanding of behavior" is the enterprise of psychologists.
      Click here to see course offerings in Psychology
    • Information about Sociology
    • The department also houses three separate career and degree programs: Education, Mental Health and Human Services, and the Chemical Dependency Counseling and Substance Abuse Certificate Programs. For more information about any of these programs, please click on the appropriate link in the panel to the left of this page.

Check out the new A.S. degree program in Chemical Dependency Counseling!
The new A.S. Degree program in Chemical Dependency Counseling provides, upon successful completion, New York State credentialing as an Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor. This credential entitles individuals to work in the Substance Abuse Counseling field immediately upon completion of the program. Course credit from this program is fully transferable to other CUNY schools.

Interested students should contact the SAC Program Office,
Dr. Joan Standora, Director, or Ms. Jamila Cumberbatch, Program Assistant,
at 368-5235/5289. 

Check out some selected electives in our department:

Ant 39- Sexuality and Culture

Early Childhood:
Edc 41-Teaching the Gifted Individual

Mental Health and Human Services:
MH 31- Interviewing and Group Leadership

Substance Abuse Counseling:
SAC 20- Intro to Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling

Psych 24- Psychological Disorders in Young Children

SOC 36- Minority Groups in the United States


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