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Tools for Success: The Kingsborough Time Line



Ensuring a successful academic career at Kingsborough Community College has its foundations in the advisor relationship. Through this relationship, the student can explore the college as well as the vast opportunities available to the student upon graduation with the guidance and support of their advisor. In turn, maintaining this relationship becomes the mutual responsibility of advisor and student.

Planning on Success:
Kingsborough Time Line

Pre-Semester: Students should maintain contact with the Freshman Year Experience (FYE)/ Pre-Enrollment Offices in order to be aware of any and all documentation related to enrolling to the college for the first time including Immunization, CUNY Exams, and Financial Aid requirements. Students must submit all documentation be designated deadlines. Financial Aid applications should be completed prior to registration. Students must file a new application for Financial Aid at the end of each academic year.

0-15 credits Students should make an appointment with an advisor in their majors. Courses such as Student Development 10 or Student Development 11 may be helpful for student’s unsure of their career goals.

16-30 credits: Career exploration should be an on-going process. Students should discuss with their advisor the requirements for attaining their career goals.

30-45 credits: Planning for post graduation life should be the focus. Students should keep their options open and have an alternative plan for their life after Kingsborough. Attending the Job Fair and open houses at senior colleges can help with this process.

45 credits and above:  Students should complete the graduation application in room A-101. Students need to apply for graduation and a degree audit. The advisor should review degree requirements as well as check the student’s degree code to ensure compliance in each. Based on career goals, students should be applying to senior colleges or seeking job opportunities. Resume workshops are available in C102


Office Hours:
Academic Advisement Center,
M-201: 9am-5pm

718-368-5744, M-201



Graduation Checklist
In order to graduate students must meet the following:
Pass all three ACT CUNY Exams
 Complete Degree Requirements
File for Graduation in room A-101

The various offices at Kingsborough offer a number of workshops that are aimed at helping students attain success.

Students should go to the
Career Development located in C-102, to obtain a listing of the workshops being offered.

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