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When you make a gift to Kingsborough Community College you are making an investment in the future. Your gift will provide critical financial support for students and enrich their college experience.

We are proud to present a selection of scholarship recipients who explain how your investment in their future allowed them to pursue their education at Kingsborough. We invite you to meet our students:  2015 Seaside Splash "Dreams Begin Here" Video.


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Student Profiles

SYEDA ABBAS | Physics Major
Gladys Brooks Foundation Scholarship for Student Leadership & Academic Excellence

As a top student in Abraham Lincoln High School, Syeda had hoped to make the leap to a prestigious 4-year college.  When that did not work out, one of her teachers suggested that she give Kingsborough a try: "I was very demoralized at first.  Some of my friends and relatives even looked down on me for attending a community college."  Despite her initial skepticism, Kingsborough more than exceeded her expectations with the rich learning experiences it provided her.  She has also thrived as a member of the Honors Club, Phi Theta Kappa, and the Student World Assembly.  This spring, she received the Gladys Brooks Foundation Scholarship, an award that recognizes outstanding student leadership.  After Kingsborough, she hopes to attend either NYU or Columbia, where she would further pursue her dream of becoming an astrophysicist for NASA: "People tend to underestimate community colleges, but my experience at KCC has been a dream come true."


Regina S. Peruggi Endowed Scholarship

Named for Kingsborough's 9th president, the Regina S. Peruggi Scholarship is awarded annually to a student who has overcome tremendous adversity to achieve academic success.  Svetlana's challenge came in 2012 with the passing of a family member, a tragedy that ultimately led to her current  career path: "Seeing the way the nurses cared for him in the hospital inspired me to become a nurse myself."  Though currently a Liberal Arts major, Svetlana plans to begin KCC's Nursing program in the fall.  In addition to Kingsborough's "wonderful" professors, Svetlana also credits her "beyond great" advisors and Mary O'Shea of the Student Success Center for helping her to navigate her college experience.  Along with helping her to pay for costly textbooks, Svetlana's scholarship has also given her a profound sense of pride and validation for all that she has achieved: "I was ecstatic upon learning that I received this scholarship, and I hope to one day help other students at KCC in the same way that Dr. Peruggi has helped me."


RYAN HILL | Criminal Justice Major | KCC 2015 Valedictorian
Valedictorian Award (Funded in Memory of Fred F. Addes)

Growing up in Rockford, Illinois, where a GED was viewed more favorably than an actual high school diploma, Ryan marvels at the academic success and accolades he has attained—from high school dropout to valedictorian of Kingsborough Community College's graduating class of 2015. Gaining new insights from the philosophies of the origins of life to the social constructs of race, class and gender, the criminal justice major, who is also a strong advocate for support services for veterans, is now rethinking his career goals. He heads to John Jay College in the fall to continue learning about America's broken criminal justice system and ways to combat institutionalized racism against minority communities. Ryan, a US Army veteran, is uniquely aware of the contrast between the "broken school system that I came from" and KCC: "My success here is a testament to the support structure this college provides, and to the faculty and staff who believed in me."


ANNA MAKOGON | Liberal Arts Major
Gladys Brooks Foundation Scholarship for Student Leadership & Academic Excellence, Northfield Bank Foundation Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship

Originally from Ukraine, Anna first came to America when she was just 15 years old.  Her mother had just passed away, and she was coming to live with a father she had never even met before: "It was a terrifying feeling, being uprooted from your home and going to live in a strange new country."  Looking back on it now, though, Anna does not regret her journey, because it ultimately led her to a great experience at Kingsborough. At KCC, Anna has grown from a shy, reluctant student to a leader on campus: "Before Kingsborough, I had never taken school seriously.  But thanks to my supportive professors and the Honors program, I unlocked my true potential."  This fall, she starts a new chapter at Baruch College, but Anna will never forget her KCC experience.  She is also grateful for the role that scholarships have played in her success: "Not only did the scholarships I received help me financially, but they also reinforced my confidence as a student."


BINYAMIN PINHAS | Liberal Arts Major
Dr. Francis Kraljic-Curran Liberal Arts Scholarship

After high school, Binyamin enrolled at the New York City College of Technology, only to hit a brick wall: "My math scores were too low, and I was unable to continue."  Discouraged but not defeated, he enrolled at Kingsborough and has gone on to mount quite the academic comeback.  Thanks to his 4.0 GPA, he is receiving the Dr. Francis Kraljic-Curran Liberal Arts Scholarship, which goes to the top two Liberal Arts majors every year.  Binyamin credits much of his success to his KCC professors: "They're tough and demanding, but they're also approachable and supportive."  Outside of the classroom, he has also been busy as the vice president of KCC's Bull and Bear Club.  This fall he will attend Brooklyn College.  He looks forward to pursuing a career in accounting: "KCC is a great place to 'plant your roots' as a student, and I am very grateful for my time here."

 Armin Rebihic

ARMIN REBIHIC | Journalism & Print Media Major
Joan De Freitas Endowment Scholarship

When he first arrived on campus, Armin was not particularly thrilled to be a Kingsborough student: "I had definitely bought into the whole 'community college stigma.'" Fortunately, Armin would go on to have a transformative experience, particularly as he became more invested in his chosen major: "I had always loved reading and writing, but I really found my calling in journalism."  Through the mentorship of professors like Dr. Frank Percaccio, Armin rose through the ranks of Scepter, KCC's student newspaper, to become its editor-in-chief.  After he graduates, Armin hopes to continue working in student publications at Brooklyn College, while double majoring in comparative literature and philosophy.  He is also very proud to be the first-ever recipient of the Joan De Freitas Endowed Scholarship: "KCC has been a long, momentous journey for me, and it is a honor to be recognized for my accomplishments."


SINEAD WEEKES | Engineering Science Major
National Grid Scholarship and Internship

Originally from Trinidad, Sinead discovered her passion for her chosen field at an early age: "Even before I knew what an engineer actually was, I was fascinated by all of the concepts involved—whether it was math, science, or computers."  At Kingsborough, Sinead has fully immersed herself in her coursework, and is a member of the Honors Club, the Society of Leadership and Success, and the Engineering Club.  And after a highly-competitive selection process, Sinead was selected as this year's winner of the National Grid Scholarship and Internship.  Her internship will last for eight weeks this summer, and she will have an opportunity to gain valuable workplace experience and further insight into the engineering field: "I am excited and honored to have been chosen, and I am proud to represent Kingsborough at National Grid!"  After Kingsborough, Sinead plans to continue her studies and to one day become a senior engineer at a major energy or technology company.


KARIM YUSEF-FARNUM '15 | Nursing Major
Rhoda Polly Alumni Emergency Scholarship

Sometimes, a little brotherly advice goes a long way in helping a young man determine his path: "My older brother Rasheed had also attended Kingsborough as a nursing major, and he recommended that I give KCC a try as well."  A recent graduate, Karim appreciates the breadth of his KCC experience, from his involvement in the Men's Resource Center to the inspiration he drew from professors like Joseph Terry, Jay Mancini, and Steven Skinner.  Karim would also earn distinction as president of the Brothers United Club and as a member of the Society of Leadership and Success.  Looking ahead, Karim plans to become a family nurse practitioner and continue to serve the greater world around him.  He credits the scholarships he has received as important factors in his success: "Paying for transportation, class materials and daily meals was a constant struggle, and the Rhoda Polly scholarship was a critical lifeline for me."



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