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When you make a gift to Kingsborough Community College you are making an investment in the future. Your gift will provide critical financial support for students and enrich their college experience.

We are proud to present a selection of scholarship recipients who explain how your investment in their future allowed them to pursue their education at Kingsborough. We invite you to meet our students: 

A Filonenko1.    Alexandra Filonenko

Rita Guiffre Scholarship, Salzburg Global Seminar


Kingsborough very close to Alexandra’s heart – so close, in fact, that she recently created a scholarship for outstanding KCC nurses, to help ensure that present and future nursing students like her will continue to be recognized for their service to others and dedication! During her time at the college, she not only excelled academically, but played a tremendous role on the campus as the vice president of the Nursing Club and the editor of Pulse, KCC’s nursing publication. As an Honors student, she was also invited to the Salzburg Global Seminar in Austria. As she prepares to attend SUNY Downstate next semester, Alexandra also gives back to her alma mater by tutoring current KCC nursing students. “I was inspired to create this scholarship by professors like Jay Mancini. They are not just knowledgeable teachers—they are caring and supportive mentors, and they made all the difference for me.” 

2.    Carriana Andre–Cadel

Community Financial Education Program


For Carianna, Kingsborough Community College runs in the family: her mother is a proud alumna of KCC’s event-planning program. As a Business Administration major, she has made the most of her KCC experience, from being inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society to volunteering at the EcoFestival. This year, she participated in Professor Maxine McGarvey’s Community Financial Education Program Workshops, and it proved to be an eye-opening experience. Working in local homeless shelters, Carianna helped children learn financial principles through interactive games and role playing. Envisioning her future career, Carianna now sees herself utilizing her business savvy towards a greater good, such as working for a humanitarian organization like Amnesty International: “This experience had a significant impact on how I view the world, and I am so grateful that Kingsborough gave me this opportunity.”

3.    Allaya Cooks-Campbell

Richmond County Savings Foundation Scholarship

KCC 2013 Valedictorian


This year, Allaya will receive the very highest of honors as Kingsborough Community College’s valedictorian, yet her journey has been defined by tremendous struggle and adversity. Dropping out of high school at age sixteen, she spent several years bartending at restaurants, hotels and nightclubs before finally enrolling at Kingsborough. Though skeptical at first, Allaya found tremendous inspiration in KCC’s supportive faculty, and has gone on to earn numerous honors and awards. After graduation, she plans to study linguistics and psychology. “Kingsborough is more than just a stepping-stone to a four year college; it is a true community, and it never gives up on its students.”

Giselle Diaz
4.    Giselle Diaz

Motion Picture Editor’s Guild Scholarship


For Giselle, film has been a lifelong passion, yet it has been at Kingsborough where her dream has truly come into focus. An active filmmaker in her own right, she has worked on several projects both inside and outside the classroom, including “The Hope of Life,” which poignantly documents her father’s battle with cancer. She credits Professor John Acosta (Media Technology) and Robert Herklotz (Broadcasting) not only for teaching her an array of new skills, but for providing mentorship and guidance. Like many Kingsborough students, Giselle struggled to pay for her day-to-day expenses. Thanks to the Motion Picture Editor’s Guild Scholarship, she is now able to better afford food and transportation, and stay on track towards achieving her goals.

5. Shane Gardiner

Regina S. Peruggi Scholarship


As a combat engineer in the Army, Shane detected and eliminated improvised explosive devices (IED’s) to provide safe passage for local citizens and American soldiers in Afghanistan. Today, he is learning how to help people with physical and mental disabilities better navigate their lives: “Seeing friends come home from the war with physical and mental challenges inspired me to pursue this path.” Shane felt anxious at first about resuming his education after so many years, yet Kingsborough’s nurturing environment helped him overcome his doubts and excel in his classes. This fall, Shane is headed for Brooklyn College, where he plans to major in Adaptive Physical Education. He is grateful for all the support he’s received along the way, most recently the Regina S. Peruggi Scholarship, which recognizes students who achieve success against the most daunting of odds. “I have worked hard my entire life to continually better myself, and I am honored that Kingsborough has recognized my efforts.”

6. Alicia Hayes

Follet Scholarship, Samuel and Ethel Lefrak Scholarship


Alicia’s interest in medicine comes from her experience as a single mother of two children, one of whom suffers from asthma and the other sickle cell: “I wanted to better understand what they were going

through and how to help them.” As a Biology major at Kingsborough, she has immersed herself in her studies, and after graduation she plans to study at York College to become a physician’s assistant. Thanks to scholarship support, Alicia has not only been able to pay for expensive textbooks, but to buy healthier organic food for her two children. “I have no doubt that I would have had to drop out of school were it not for these scholarships.”

7. Adrian Lugo

Northfield Bank Foundation Scholarship


Adrian did not always think college was the right route for him, but today he is very glad he gave it a second chance. Dropping out of Kingsborough after one semester, he went to work for his uncle’s plumbing company, but decided, after a while, to make college a priority. A year later, he re-enrolled as a Criminal Justice major and hasn’t looked back since. Adrian is the treasurer of the Honors Club, the vice president of the American Sign Language Club, and serves on both Student Government and the Student Conduct Board. During Hurricane Sandy, he lost virtually everything and was forced to relocate. Scholarship support proved to be a godsend, allowing him to re-purchase books, a laptop, supplies, and even a bike to travel to and from campus. “These scholarships have truly helped me rebuild my life after the storm.”

8. Dmytro Moyseyev

National Grid Scholarship/Internship Award 2013


A native of the Ukraine, Dmytro has always been fascinated by how things work, from the thermodynamics of car engines and refrigerators to the greater workings of the cosmos. More than just a bright student, though, he has made a lasting mark on the Kingsborough campus, helping to revitalize the previously-defunct engineering club and representing the KCC honors program at various events and open houses. After Kingsborough, Dmytro plans to pursue his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering at Cooper Union, and in the long run sees himself as a senior engineer at a major company like AECOM, MTA or Dewberry. More immediately, though, he is excited to begin his internship this summer with National Grid, where he will be learning about the industry from the ground floor. “This is a great opportunity for me to learn new skills and gain some great professional experience.”

9. Lance Sellers

Robin Hood Foundation/CUNY Hurricane Sandy Relief Grant


After working as an advertising consultant for 18 years, Lance was eager to make a career change, and was intrigued by the great things he had heard about Kingsborough’s nursing program. Last November, though, Hurricane Sandy threatened not only to derail his KCC experience, but every aspect of his life. Lance caught the full brunt of the storm, and within a day his car was totaled and his house was rendered uninhabitable. With the help of KCC’s Single Stop Office, he and his young son were able to access emergency aid through the Robin Hood Foundation’s Sandy Relief Grant, which helped him pay for food and transportation. Today, Lance credits this as helping him return to school: “I will never forget how terrible the storm was, but I will also never forget how Kingsborough helped me get back on my feet.”

Cheri Srour
10. Cheri Srour

Ellen S. Fine Award for Excellence in the Field of Research

and Nazi Holocaust Studies


Judging by Cheri’s warm and soft-spoken demeanor, you would never guess that she spent several months getting to know one of the most notorious war criminals in human history. For her award-winning Holocaust Studies paper, she studied Rudolph Höss, a high-ranking official in Nazi Germany who committed harrowing atrocities as commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp. Cheri’s paper vividly covers Höss’s entire life, and for her research she even interviewed his grandson. She credits Professor Richard Tomback for being an instrumental mentor throughout the process, and Kingsborough as a whole for recognizing her talent and hard work.

Nikengie Staten
11. Nikengie Staten

Carroll & Milton Petrie Foundation Student Emergency Fund Scholarship


A native Brooklynite, Nikengie grew up feeling distrust for the police in her neighborhood, yet she does not see it as ironic that she is now a Criminal Justice major at Kingsborough: “I want to be a law enforcement officer who truly serves the community.” A single mother of two teenagers and a full-time student, she still finds time to volunteer at a program for at-risk youth in East York, and she plans to enroll in John Jay College for Criminal Justice this fall. All of this was thrown into jeopardy, though, when Hurricane Sandy left her without heat, water and power for weeks. Determined to remain in school, Nikengie consulted KCC’s Single Stop Office and was able to receive a grant from the Caroll and Milton Petrie Foundation. She used these funds to buy heaters, pay for transportation, and receive no small amount of peace of mind.

Jian Wang
12. Jian Wang

Karen Karlin G.E.D. Scholarship


Jian’s life has been defined by journeys both geographical and professional. Back in her native China, she fell ill and was hospitalized for three months. During that dark time, Jian found comfort and inspiration in the nurses who took care of her. When she recovered, she left the business world to pursue nursing. At Kingsborough, she has thrived in the nursing program, and credits Professor Kumar in particular for providing guidance and mentorship. Outside of class, Jian volunteers at a clinic in Chinatown, where she uses both her linguistic and nursing skills to provide much-needed care for her community. After graduating from Kingsborough, she plans to continue her nursing studies at SUNY Downstate. “The scholarship I received is more than just money. It shows that my hard work is being acknowledged, and it motivates me to keep pursuing my dreams.”



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