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Student Email

Through a CUNY-wide partnership with Microsoft, we are offering students a state-of-the-art e-mail and communication suite. Everything you do online - e-mail, shared calendars and chatting with 24/7 reliability.

Accessing Your Office365 KBCC student E-mail Account on Any Mobile Device

Click here to lookup your new account!  



       To receive your password please click:

 (Your initial password is made up from the first letter of your first name, the first letter of your last name, last 4 of your SSN and your day you were born.

We strongly advice all students to change this password immediately.

You can use this site to change your password to anything you want or reset it to the default if you forget your password. Click on Forgot Password to change your password.)

 Lotus Notes Mobile Access FAQ

Welcome to the Lotus Notes Mobile Access FAQ

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