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Faculty Development

Faculty interested in participating in Kingsborough's learning communities attend a new faculty orientation the semester before they begin. They then spend the following module (Winter or Summer) collaborating with other members of their team - identifying shared student learning outcomes and themes, synchronizing course topics to maximize connections, and designing shared integrative assignments. (Please click here to see some sample faculty collaborations).

Each of Kingsborough’s learning community programs holds faculty and staff development workshops each semester. Workshop topics are elicited from the teams and often involve sharing of best practices regarding linking curricula, strengthening collaborations, and exploring active learning pedagogies. Attendance at all workshops is part of the commitment teams make to learning communities.

In addition to participating in faculty development activities, case managers have a staff development meeting each module. They also meet weekly throughout the semester to discuss progress and challenges in their SD classes and their work with students in general.

Staff development for tutors begins each semester with a Welcome Back Orientation for tutors, followed by weekly tutor staff meetings for both day and evening tutors, and is supported through various printed media, including a weekly newsletter and a tutor's guide.

Faculty development is coordinated by Stephanie Akunvabey and Prof. Cheryl Smith Opening Doors LCs,  Gabrielle Kahn for ACE LCs, and Prof. Janine Graziano for Integrative Studies LCs.

Prof. Gabrielle Kahn

Prof. Gabrielle Kahn


Prof. Janine Graziano



Stephanie Akunvabey


 Prof. Cheryl Smith




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