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Integrative Studies Learning Communities

The Integrative Studies Program at Kingsborough Community College offers students the opportunity to study in learning communities targeted toward specific majors. Learning communities in this program vary in structure including the number of courses linked and whether or not links include an Integrative Seminar- a two-hour, one-credit course which provides a place for targeted integration, scaffolding activities to support and help students apply content from the other courses, and, if applicable, career focus. Some ISP learning communities also offer students the opportunity to practice quantitative skills in the context of the major; in those learning communities, the integrative seminar serves as the site for this contextualized quantitative reasoning practice.

Integrative Studies Learning Communities offer students convenient scheduling. Faculty collaborate to provide students with a coherent and integrative learning experience.

Finally, academic support is available for students through faculty who help facilitate the Integrative Seminar, and who offer students additional small group or one-on-one instruction.

For more information, please contact Gayle Becker Resource Advisor for Advanced Learning Communities at (718-368-5105) or




Janine Graziano King
Faculty Coordinator
Career Focused Learning Communities

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