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Academic Support

Freshman learning communities involving developmental English 91 or 92 or ESL are assigned one or two tutors who attend classes with students for several hours a week.Tutor participation in classes may include furthering discussion as model students, supporting students' in-class writing/note-taking as partners with whom students share insights, offering observations to both teachers and students about students' trouble-spots in learning, or helping students and faculty make connections to the other courses in the link. These learning communities also include two to four weekly “lab” hours in the Reading and Writing Center. During these sessions, tutors engage students in a variety of activities meant to strengthen their understanding of content material and connections among their courses as well as to foster their progress in academic reading and writing.


Prof. Hope Parisi

Ronna Levy  Prof. Tara Weiss

Prof. Hope Parisi,
Academic Director,
Reading and Writing Center

Prof. Ronna Levy,
Associate Academic Director

Prof. Tara Weiss,
Associate Academic Director, ESL



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