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Welcome to the nationally recognized Learning Communities
at Kingsborough Community College.

Opening Doors Learning Communities
These freshman learning communities provide you with a smaller, more personal college atmosphere while still offering the advantages of a large college.  You and your fellow students work and study together with our supportive faculty and staff.  These learning communities serve as a national model and are being replicated around the country.

How does it work?
New Kingsborough students with no more than three credits join a small group, or cohort, of about 25 students.  Together, you take three “linked” courses:  an English course; a course that satisfies a college requirement; and a one-credit student success seminar. Since your professors collaborate to connect their courses, you are able to make more connections between what you learn in psychology, for example, and what you read and write about in English.  At the same time the skills and lessons or your student success seminar are reinforced. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in other small group activities – like field trips – to learn in an active way.  We’re also there to help you with counselors, tutors and other support services.

Integrative Studies Program (formerly known as Advanced Learning Communities)
Building on the success of Opening Doors Learning Communities, Kingsborough developed these learning communities to extend the documented benefits of learning communities to students after their first semester.  This program is designed to help you complete your major requirements more quickly and with greater success.  We currently offer learning communities for accounting, allied health, criminal justice, culinary arts, liberal arts, mental health, and tourism and hospitality majors, and we add more majors each semester.

How does it work?
Continuing, returning, or transfer students with 6 or more credits join a small group, or cohort, of about 25 students.  Together, you take three “linked” courses:  two courses required for your major and a one-credit integrative seminar.  The seminar allows you to critically explore themes and concepts introduced in the two other courses.  Since your professors collaborate to connect their courses, you are able to make more connections between what you learn in mental health, for example, and what you study in anthropology. We’re also there to help you with counselors and other support services.

ACE Learning Communities (formerly known as ESL Learning Communities)
Learning Communities at Kingsborough started in our ESL program, and we continue to offer this exciting experience to our ESL population.  It’s designed to be intense, and to immerse you in your studies of written and spoken English while you accumulate real academic credits that count towards graduation requirements.

How does it work?
At Kingsborough, full-time incoming ESL freshmen are required to enroll in a learning community.   You can earn 18 credits, 8 of which will count towards your degree.  Coursework includes an ESL course; a speech class; a general education class, like history, sociology, or health; a one-credit student success seminar; a one-credit ESL seminar; as well as tutoring.  You also have personal and academic counselors who work with your learning community to ensure that your first semester is as successful and productive as possible.

Why should I join a Learning Community?
Students who take part in our Learning Communities:

  • Earn higher grades
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Get to know their instructors better
  • Have more confidence in their own abilities
  • Make friends with a diverse group of students
  • Become more intellectually mature and responsible
  • Become more involved in their own educational decisions
  • Become more motivated about succeeding in college
  • Develop team building and communication skills
  • Feel more confident about being in college
  • Have convenient class schedules
  • Enjoy smaller class sizes
  • Finish college faster

Who should enroll in a Learning Community?
New, continuing, returning, and transfer students who are interested in being connected, supported, challenged, and excited during their time at Kingsborough.

How do I find out more?
For more information about Learning Communities at Kingsborough Community College, students should speak to their academic advisors or stop by one of these offices:

Opening Doors Learning Communities
Room E-102

Integrative Studies Program (formerly known as Advanced Learning Communities)
Room E-106

English Department
Room C-309

Freshman Services
Room F-123

Academic Advisement Office
Room M-201

Office of Career, Placement, Transfer, New Start, and Scholarship Opportunities
Room C-102

Educators can find more information about the program and its history here or can call the Office of Academic Affairs, 718-368-5027.


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