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Time and Leave

If you have any questions regarding your time and leave please feel free to contact us:

    ·         ECPs, Full-time CLTs, Excluded titles, Librarians:

o   Rosanne Scalice, x 6586,

·         Full-time Faculty Leaves of Absence

o   FMLA, Paid Parental Leave, Dedicated Sick Leave, Travia: Sheila Ridge, x6587,

·         Full-Time Faculty:

o   A-L:  Regina Weber x 6574,

o   M-Z:  Steve Chan, x 6588,

·         Higher Education Officer series:              

o   A-C:   Erina Theodore, x 6576,

o   D-F:   Patricia Romano, x 6589,

o   G-K:  Jennifer McLinden, x 5436,

o   L-Q:   Rita Maida, x 4963,

o   R-Z:   Regina Weber, x 6574,

·         Support Staff:  Gittleson titles, Campus Security, IT titles, Maintenance Workers, F/T Custodial staff

o   A-K:  Rita Maida, x 4963,

o   L-Z:  Rosanne Scalice, x 6586,

·         Skilled Titles and Laborers:

o   Jennifer McLinden, x 5436,

o   Patricia Romano, x 6589,

·         College Assistants, Hourly Custodial Workers, Hourly Nurses:

o   Erina Theodore, x 6576,

·         Adjunct CLTs:

o   Regina Weber, x 6574,

o   Jennifer Debonis, x 6744,

·         Non-Teach Adjuncts and Continuing Education Teachers:  Please contact your departments.


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