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Debra Schultz


Debra Schultz, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of History at Kingsborough Community College of the City University of New York, where she teaches US, women’s, and modern European History.  She also leads the Brooklyn Public Scholars Project and is a Teagle Foundation Fellow in Civic Engagement.  She is the author of Going South: Jewish Women in The Civil Rights Movement (New York University Press).

A founder of the Soros Foundation’s International Women’s Program, she served for ten years as its Director of Programs.  Her international human rights work includes post-conflict transitional justice issues and gender justice.   Her research interests focus on the politics of memory for social change movements, particularly intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, and memory.

She has also taught history and women’s studies at the New School, Rutgers University, and Laguardia Community College. 


History 59: Modern America from 1920s to the Present

History 65:  The Civil Rights Movement and the Movements It Inspired

History 66:  Women in the Social Sciences

History 68:  American Women’s History

History 31:  Modern European History

History 36:  20th Century European History

The Union Institute Doctor of Philosophy (History)
CUNY Graduate Center Master of Arts (History)
New York University Bachelor of Arts (History)

College Teaching

CUNY Kingsborough, History, (2012-present)

CUNY Laguardia, History (2008)

Rutgers University, The History of Black-Jewish Relations, (1999)

The New School, Multicultural Women’s History, (1998)

Selected Publications and/or Other Resources

Debra L. Schultz, Going South: Jewish Women in the Civil Rights Movement (New York University Press, 2001).  Paperback, 2002.

Debra L. Schultz, Disrupting the Dream: Teaching Civil Rights History in Civic Engagement in the Community College Springer Publishing, 2015.  This volume of essays by participants in KCC’s Brooklyn Public Scholars Project may be the first of its kind to address civic engagement by community college faculty.

Debra L. Schultz, Triple Challenge: Romani Women’s Lives in Contemporary Europe, Women’s Lives Around the World: A Global Encyclopedia.  Volume 4: Europe, forthcoming, ABC-Clio Greenwood Press, 2017.

Debra L. Schultz, Translating Intersectionality Theory into Practice:  A Tale of Roma-Gadze Alliance, SIGNS: A Journal of Women in Culture and Society, vol. 38, no. 1, Autumn 2012.

Debra L. Schultz, Preface to Knocking On: Mothers and Daughters in Struggle in South Africa (Capetown, South Africa: Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation, 2008).

Debra L. Schultz, An Intersectional Feminism of Their Own: Creating European Romani Women’s Activism, Identities: a Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture, Spring 2006, special issue funded by the European Union.

Debra L. Schultz, Jewish Women in the Civil Rights Movement, in Pamela Nadell, ed., American Jewish Women’s History Reader (New York University Press, 2003).

Events and/or Key Dates

Research Interests
  • Public Memory of Social Movements
  • Racialization and Gender
  • Reckonings with the Past in Situations of Gross Human Rights Violations and Post-Conflict
  • The Holocaust
  • Gender and Transitional Justice

Awards Recognition, Distinctions and Grants
  • PSC CUNY Grant, 2015, The Politics of Memory for the Civil Rights Movement
  • Director, Brooklyn’s Public Scholars: Civic Research & the Community-engaged Campus” a faculty seminar funded by the Bridging Theory to Practice Project in partnership with the American Association of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U). 
  • Faculty Fellow, Student Learning for Civic Capacity: Stimulating Moral, Ethical and Civic Engagement for Learning that Lasts (national demonstration project funded by the Teagle Foundation). 
  • Faculty participant in the NEH-funded Bridging Cultures to Form a Nation: Difference, Community and Democratic Thinking, a multi-campus initiative focused on civic learning through the humanities. 
  • Wye Faculty Fellow, Aspen Institute, “Citizenship in the American and Global Polity,” Wye River Center, Queenstown, Maryland, July 20-26, 2013.
  • Faculty Grant Recipient, Facing History and Ourselves, 2013-2014.
  • Certified in CUNY’s Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) methodology. 

Institutional Affiliations / Professional Societies
  • Organization of American Historians
  • American Jewish Historical Society
  • Berkshire Conference of Women Historians

Personal Interests

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