Institute of Tutorial Services


There are worksheets and sample exams given to qualified students, one at a time. The students can complete the worksheets at home or in the Math Workshop. If help is needed, a tutor will work with the student.

1) The following is a sample of the worksheets:

(a) Worksheet #2

Perform the indicated operation. Simplify the answer if necessary.


16) A coin is made up of 1/3 silver, 3/5 copper and the rest is lead. What fraction of the coin is lead?

17) If 1/3 of a yard of fabric costs $2, what is the cost of 2 1/5 yards?

18) Three pieces of wood are needed to make a shelf that is 13 1/8 feet long. The lengths of two (2) pieces are 4 ½ feet and 5 1/3 feet respectively, what is the length of the third piece?

19) Mary and Bobby are painting a room. Bobby has painted 2/9 of the room and Mary has painted 1/6 of the room.

a) Have they painted more than half the room?
b) What fraction of the room remains to be painted?

20) Diane works part-time after school. On Mondays she works 3 ½ hours at $5 ¼ per hour, on Tuesdays she works 2 1/3 hours at $6 ½ per hour and on Wednesdays she works 4 hours at $4 ½ per hour.

a)How many hours does she work in 1 week?
b)What are her total earnings in a week?

(b) Worksheet #7

Factor the following expressions completely. If an expression cannot be factored, state prime.

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 4