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Where can I find help?

Professional counselors are trained to provide the help people need to master the challenges of life, maximize their potential, and achieve their goals. Counselors help students to address emotional and other issues that affect academic success, design academic programs that meet their personal needs and career objectives, and plan for employment after graduation.

Academic Advisement:
Freshman Year Experience ------- F-102
Students who have earned fewer than 30 credits
Career Development Center -------- C-102
Students who have earned greater than 30 credits


If you are in the-
College Discovery/Bilingual Program --------------------
If you have transferred to Kingsborough from another college-
Transfer Advisement and New Start -----------------------
If you are not a native English speaker-
ESL Counseling --------------------------------------------
If you have disability-
Access-Ability Services ------------------------------------------
If you want a specialist in career planning-
Career Development Center -----------------------------
If you receive public assistance-
COPE ------------------------------------------------------
If you would like details about
Nursing Degree Requirements ------------------------------------------
If you want-
Personal Counseling --------------------------------------
If you want counseling in the-
Evening ---------------------------------------------------

Advisors offer assistance with clarifying educational and career goals. They provide information regarding courses required for a student’s major and graduation as well as provide assistance in planning to meet those requirements.
For Academic Advisement go to- M-101 or M-201

Other Resources

Advisement about student visas and citizenship-
International Student Affairs ----------------------------
Child Care/Early Education ------------------------------ V-105
Confidential help for problems with alcohol and drugs-
ASAP ------------------------------------------------------
Financial Aid --------------------------------------------- U-201
Student Activities, Student Government, Clubs-
Student Life ----------------------------------------------
TAP ------------------------------------------------------- P-204
Women’s Center ------------------------------------------ M-382
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