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Archived College Catalogs

NOTE: Your particular degree requirements correspond to the College Catalog for the semester/year you entered Kingsborough OR the semester/year you last changed your major. Please select the appropriate catalog below.

If you have questions, please contact an Academic Advisor in M-201

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Students admitted to the College in a Spring Semester: Changes to academic information or requirements in a year-to-year catalog are found in the Spring Addendum for that year. The information or requirements in the Spring Addendum replace and supercede what is in that particular academic year’s annual catalog. Therefore, as a Spring admit, you are subject to the academic information and requirements in the Addendum for the Spring you were admitted. Spring addenda only contain changes in a few programs and courses. If you do not find a program or course in a Spring Addendum, then refer to the relevant edition of the annual catalog.

To Find an item in a catalog (for example type “Art Department”), please use the

Find option in the PDF document.  

This will look for your search terms anywhere in the catalog record.


2017-18_Catalog2017-2018 College Catalog
2016-2017 College Catalog2016-2017 College Catalog
2015-2016 College Catalog 2015-2016 College Catalog
2014-2015 College Catalog 2014-2015 College Catalog
Spring 2014 College Catalog  Spring 2014 College Catalog
2013-2014 College Catalog  2013-2014 College Catalog
Sp13  Spring 2013 Addendum
2012-2013 College Catalog  2012-2013 College Catalog
Spring 2012 Addendum  Spring 2012 Addendum

2011-2012 College Catalog  2011-2012 College Catalog
Spring 2011 Addendum  Spring 2011 Addendum
2010-2011 Catalog  Catalog 2010-2011
(size 2.29 MB)
Spring 2010 Addendum  Spring 2010 Addendum
Catalog 2009-2010  Catalog 2009-2010
(size 2.28 MB)
Catalog08_09  Catalog 2008-2009
(size 2.60 MB)
catalog 2007  Catalog 2005-2007
(size 1.53 MB)
catalog 04-05 revised  Catalog 2004-2005(revised)
(size 4.68 MB)
catalog revised  Catalog 2004-2005
(size 1.30 MB)
2000-2003 Catalog  Catalog 2002-2003
(size 1.93 MB)
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