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Fall Session

Winter Session

Spring Session

Summer Session


  • The Fall Term consists of: The Fall Session(Session 1) & the Winter Session (Session 2)
  • The Spring Term consists of: The Spring Session(Session 1) & the Summer Session (Session 2)
  • In order to receive financial aid for the Winter and/or Summer sessions students must be pre-registered by the 7th day of the the Fall and/or Spring Term.
  • All Students must register for 12 or more credits in their major for both sessions by the 7th day of the Fall and/or Spring Term.
  • Financial Aid for each TERM will be disbursed during Session 1(Please note the following changes)
    • Students who are part-time in session 1 and do not pre-register for session 2 classes by the 7th day of the Term will not receive any additional Financial Aid for session 2.
    • Students who pre-register for Session 2 and do not attend any classes in Session 2  will be responsible to repay any financial aid received for session 2 classes.
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