Latinx Heritage Month

Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month with Student Life between September 15 – October 15. Explore the vibrant Latinx culture in the United States and in Latin America. Learn about cultural dances, traditional healing practices, and issues around the Latinx community.

To get information on events, check out our website and follow us on Instagram: @kccstudentlife!

Event: Salsa Dancing Lessons in collaboration with Mayday Space
Description: Learn the history and origins of Salsa dancing while learning basic steps. Lessons and performances by Joaquin Esquilin and Sarah Serrano. Great for beginners and experience dancers!
Date: Tuesday, September 15
Time: 2 PM
Location:  IG Live at @kccstudentlife and Zoom
Zoom Meeting ID: 989 2245 6451

Event: Carla’s Quince
Description: Even a global pandemic can’t stop birthday girl Carla from celebrating her Quinceañera. Music? Check. Dancing? Check. Gifts? Just one. Carla would really, really, really like you to register to vote!

CARLA'S QUINCE is a bilingual immersive virtual experience that invites audiences to become guests at Carla's Zoom Quinceañera.

With the aim of increasing Latinx participation in the United States' electoral process, this non-partisan English/Spanish extravaganza will inform on the voting process, break down some of the issues at stake this election year, and provide space for individuals to reflect on how their voting choices affect their communities. Those who identify as Latinx are especially encouraged to attend!

​Sponsored by the Student Union and Intercultural Center in support of the KCC Votes Initiative and Latinx Heritage Month.
Date: Thursday, September 17
Time: 8 PM

Event: IG Challenge: Yo Perreo Solx
Description: Comment in the post with your favorite Latin song and a friend you would bring to the perreo!  To enter an additional entry, tag @kccstudentlife singing your favorite CLEAN/EDITED Latin song. The Office of Student Life will select ­ONE winner for a $50 giveaway to the KCC Bookstore. Follow rules to enter!
Date: Monday, September 21- Friday, September 25
Rules: In order to enter a chance win the $50 giveaway, participant must be a current KCC student, like the post, and follow @kccstudentlife. Choose one of the following options:

  1. If student’s IG account is PUBLIC: Tag @kccstudentlife in either an IG grid post or IG story.
  2. If student’s IG account is PRIVATE: DM @kccstudentlife your photo.

Winner must provide EmplID to receive prize. All entries agree to give The Office of Student permission to post their photo on their social media.
Date: Monday, September 21
Time: 11:30 AM
Location: Instagram: @kccstudentlife

Event: Palabras y Empanadas with Writer Anel I. Flores
Description: Join our IG Live with Anel I. Flores, Tejana, lesbiana, writer and artist from Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio, TX, to discuss her writings about sexuality, gender variance, gender exploration, and body.
Date: Tuesday, September 22
Time: 2 PM
Location:  IG Live at @kccstudentlife

Event: Healing the Spirit and Land
Description: In collaboration with the University of Utah, Student Life presents a discussion with a curandero, a Latino Spiritual Healer, and the Executive Director of BK Rot around healing practices with the body, mind, and land.
Date: Tuesday, September 29
Time: 3 PM
Location:  IG Live at @kccstudentlife

Event: Kahoot! Trivia: Latinx Heritage Month
Description: How well do you know Latinx history, pop culture, music, and icons? Play Trivia with Kahoot! To play, download Kahoot! or use the link and code provided on the @kccstudentlife bio. Code and theme will be posted Monday at 9 AM and will be available until Tuesday at 12 AM (midnight). Top 3 winners will receive electronic gift cards to use towards the KCC Bookstore.
Date: Monday, October 5- Tuesday, October 6
Time: 9 AM - 12 AM (midnight) on Kahoot!
Location: Link will be posted day of on @kccstudentlife’s bio

Event: Mucho Mucho Amor
Description: Do you like astrology? Learn about the most famous Puerto Rican astrologer that captured the lives of many around the world in Netflix’s documentary, Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado. The event will have Nataley Renteria, a queer Afro-Colombian energy-worker and healer, speak on her work in the community. Students that participate in the event will enter a raffle to receive a free reading from Nataley Renteria.
Date: Tuesday, October 6
Time: 9 AM - 12 AM (midnight) on Kahoot!
Location: Zoom
Meeting ID: 966 1527 2230

Event: Immigration and COVID in the Latinx Community
Description: In collaboration with SU&IC, this event invites a Puerto Rican Immigration Lawyer to discuss the current immigration policies affecting the Latinx immigration community during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Date: Wednesday, October 7
Time: 2 PM
Location: Zoom
Meeting ID: 920 0382 9704