Campus Activities Board

CAB is looking for a full Executive Leadership Board for 2020-2021, including a Chair, VP of Marketing, VP of Programming, VP of Communications/Membership, and VP of Finance/Operations.

Welcome to the Campus Activities Board!

CAB is here to make KCC more fun. We plan events all year long to help students make friends, relax, and to make Kingsborough feel a little more like home.

Recent CAB events include:

  • Peter Boie: Magician for Non-Believers
  • Headphone Disco
  • Halloween Party
  • Stuff-A-Zombie
  • Thanks 4 Giving Dinner and Food Drive
  • Escape the Room
  • Game Night
  • Nets vs. Clippers
  • Phantom of the Opera
CAB has worked really hard to plan virtual events throughout the Spring 2020 semester, including offering regular Pop Culture Trivia Games via Kahoot. CAB is looking for more ideas on how to engage and entertain KCC students & as students you know best.

How can I join CAB?

The CAB Chair position is an elected member of KCC’s Student Government Association (SGA). You can run for the CAB Chair position during the Fall 2020 SGA Elections. Information about Fall 2020 Special Elections will be posted soon.

The CAB Vice President Positions are not elected members of SGA. If you are interested a CAB Vice President position, please email to let our team know your full name, EMPLID, and what position you would like to interview for. The interview is brief.

You can also be a CAB General Member, which does not require an interview or running for a SGA elected position. You can sign up to receive emails, and participate in meetings at your convenience. If you are interested in becoming a CAB General Member, please email with your full name and EMPLID. Anyone is welcome to join CAB as a voting member by attending 3 consecutive meetings and helping out with scheduled CAB events.

When does CAB meet?

CAB will meet virtually once a week. Date/Time TBD.


Vice President for Marketing:

Vice President for Programing:

Vice President for Communications/Membership:

Vice President for Finance/Operations:

Follow CAB on Instagram @kingsboroughcab