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Learning Communities

All incoming freshmen are enrolled in Learning Communities that cater to their developmental needs and help them work toward completion of their required developmental courses. Learning Communities enable professors to teach a cohesive curriculum, while allowing them to identify struggling students and launch early intervention when necessary. Students have the privilege of establishing strong peer relationships in these communities, which provide extra support during their first semester.

Supplemental Activities and Events

Students participate in activities and workshops that are designed to supplement academics, identify unresolved issues, broaden their perspectives, and enhance their well-being. The supplemental workshops provide our students with skills necessary to excel academically, mitigate issues they might face while attending college, and prepare for circumstances beyond their first semester of college. Larger-scale events are designed to take a holistic approach to student success by focusing on addressing pressing student needs as well as on current and long-term student development, wellness, and maturity. Our hope is that students become more cognizant of their own short-term and long-term growth as well as their contribution to society.

College Visit Series

College trips provide SPARK students with exposure to schools to which they will likely transfer. They have the opportunity to inquire about their prospective major, requirements, campus organizations, facilities etc. prior to attending these institutions. An authentic experience gives students a sense of campus culture and atmosphere. These trips serve to encourage forethought about interests, academic program, and long-term goal setting. Currently, trips are arranged in collaboration with the Honors Program, the Men’s Resource Center, and the Transfer Office.

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