What Is SPARK?

The Strategic Partnerships for Achievement and Retention at Kingsborough (SPARK) Program is a newly established initiative with the aim of improving the retention rates, credit accumulation, and academic performance of incoming first year students, while enhancing the experiences of and career prospects for continuing students. Our goal is to alleviate some of the responsibilities that students typically have, while enabling them to thrive without unnecessary inhibitions.

Please note: Recruitment is outreach-based. This webpage is for informational purposes only.

Program Highlights

 Innovative Learning Communities

 Academic advisors

 Accessible KCC resources

 Need-based MetroCards

 Community and need-based personal textbooks

 Co-curricular and extracurricular programming

 Networking opportunities with local non-profits and for-profit organizations 

Special Thanks

The SPARK Initiative was made possible by a generous grant provided to Kingsborough by The Heckscher Foundation for Children (Est. 1921), a private organization with the aim of "leveling the playing field" for traditionally underserved youth. The organization has a long and understated history of promoting the welfare of youth and continues to support them through this collaboration with Kingsborough.