Holistic Support

The SPARK staff work as a cohesive team to provide holistic support for the SPARK program participants, particularly incoming freshmen. SPARK case managers provide academic support and guidance to incoming freshmen enrolled in remedial Math and English Learning Communities and each continuing SPARK student. Existing KCC case managers support all Fa15 and Spr16 continuing students. In addition to academic support, non-academic advising and assistance is provided by the Single Stop coordinator, financial aid counselor, and AssistMe app manager. Students are exposed to a myriad of services available at KCC on a regular basis.

Examples of support services include but are not limited to:

 The Assist Me App

 Single Stop

 Student Wellness Center

 Mens Resource Center

 Womens Center

 Office of Military and Veteran Affairs

 Access-Ability Services

 Career Development Center & Service Learning

 Transfer/New Start

 Food Pantry

 Child Development Center

Career Development

The Office of Workforce Development, Strategic Community Partnerships & Continuing Education is in place to strengthen existing partnerships, while developing new relationships within the community. Focus is placed on industry, business, and community-based organizations to enhance enrollment in continuing education, workforce training, and degree programs.

The Customer Experience Management (CXM) Academy is being launched to train cohorts of students for placement in corporate industry sites. Students will receive career advisement and support, intensive co-curricular training through Resources for Educational and Employment Opportunities (REEO), a program geared toward ensuring professional and academic equity for students transitioning from a two year college to a four year college, and real-world business training. Furthermore, they will develop various skills including communication, business etiquette, financial literacy, cultural competency, social networking, customer management technology, labor relations management, and government and policy regulations, while being provided with access to employment and industry workshops.