Formal Complaint

Student Judicial Affairs

Who can make a formal complaint?

Any charge accusation, or allegation which is to be presented against a student, and which if proved, may subject a student to disciplinary action, must be submitted in writing in complete detail to the office of the Dean of Students promptly by the individual, organization or department making the charge.

The chief student affairs officer of the college or his/her designee will conduct a preliminary investigation in order to determine whether disciplinary charges should be preferred. The chief student affairs officer or his/her designee will advise the student of the charge(s) against him/her, consult with other parties who may be involved or who have information regarding the incident, and review other relevant evidence. Following this preliminary investigation, which shall be concluded within thirty (30) calendar days of the filing of the complaint, the chief student affairs officer or designee shall take one of the following actions:

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