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Student Judicial Affairs


Mission Statement

As an institution of higher education, Kingsborough Community College and its faculty and staff are committed to its entire student body. As such, we strive to interact with each student equitably and professionally while providing an environment of mutual respect and civility.

In the event a student has an allegation charge brought against him/her that is a breach of the Henderson Rules to Maintain Public Order or the Campus Code of Conduct, an immediate investigation will commence followed by a conciliation conference to determine the appropriate outcome within a thirty day period.

The Judicial Affairs process at Kingsborough Community College is critical in providing an agenda for safety, yet simultaneously offering protection of the rights of students who may have been accused of being in violation of the Henderson Rules to Maintain Public Order and/or the Campus Code of Conduct. These rights have been afforded to each Kingsborough student under the bylaws that were established in 1969.