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Kingsborough Honors Program
Mission Statement

Dedicated to Providing Outstanding Educational,
Leadership, Fellowship and Service
Opportunities for Highly Motivated and
Academically Capable Students.

The Kingsborough Honors program seeks to enrich the lives of high-achieving Kingsborough students who have a 3.2. or higher GPA through specially-designed academic and co-curricular programs:

~ We are committed to enhancing student’s academic skills and abilities in an effort to facilitate a smooth transition to coursework at the senior college level.

~ We strive to provide activities that strengthen students’ scholarship, leadership, self-confidence and service to the college community and beyond.

~ We promote the development of strong bonds between Honors students, faculty, and staff.

~ We develop and support student and faculty participation in regional, national and international Honors-based activities.

~ We support programs that promote global and cross-cultural awareness and understanding.

~ We actively articulate with four-year colleges and seek scholarships, internships and honors program that will help students successfully complete their baccalaureate degrees.

~ We adhere to the Honors criteria established by the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC).

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