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Honors Representatives

Honors Representatives are a selected group of up to 25 students who participate in on-campus, local, regional, national, and international enrichment activities and events, and serve as outstanding examples of the academic, service and leadership opportunities that a Kingsborough education can provide. After being trained as an Honors Representatives, students are placed with mentors in various areas of the college and are provided 35 hours at the student aide rate for work that they are expected to perform. The Honors Representative Program’s Liaison Co-Coordinated by Professor Rosemary Bufano (Hospitality and Tourism Dept., V226) and Professor Homar Barcena (Honors Program Director, M377).

Eligibility: G.P.A. of 3.4 or higher based on 12 or more credits and the ability to maintain this level of academic excellence while participating in the program.
Work with a faculty or staff member in a mentor/mentee relationship for approximately 35 hours and paid at the student aide rate for work that they are expected to perform per semester.
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