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Game Based Learning

​When we think about our ideal classroom, we often think of engaged students who are immersed in the subject matter, collaborating, demonstrating applied knowledge, and having fun. It’s a tall order!  Active learning strategies have made their way into the fabric of the educational landscape and lead to greater student engagement, critical thinking, and success. However, developing meaningful activities and assessing their effectiveness can be a challenge.   

Games have been a part of our lives since ancient times.  When we play games we are often actively engaged, solving problems, strategizing and thinking critically. Games involve low-stakes and self-assessment and can be easily brought into a lecture classroom, no matter what the subject.  Low-tech games like Poker, and Trivial Pursuit and high-tech digital games can both create meaningful and engaging experiences for our students. 



​In this FIG, facilitated by Grace Axler-DiPerte  (Biological Sciences), we will explore the principles of educational game design and resources available to help with aspects ranging from defining problems for the game to address, to game mechanics, and testing your game.

For more information or to join our group please contact Grace ( or visit our CUNY Academic Commons site

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