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Bodies and Sexualities in the Classroom

Who we are and how our students and colleagues react to us is reflected in and presented by our bodies. This FIG will make space to explore issues around embodiment, sexuality, and identity in the classroom. Issues around identities and bodies are fraught with meaning and often complicated. How do we navigate our classrooms and professional lives as people with gendered, sexualized, racialized, sized, differently abled, or pregnant bodies? How does age, health, appearance, among other embodied characteristics, shape our experiences teaching and our student's experiences learning from us in the classroom?

When we center the often-ignored body in the academy, many issues come to light. This FIG will provide a safe and supportive space to discuss issues of our embodied selves in our classrooms and careers.

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This FIG is facilitated by Alison Better (Behavioral Sciences and Human Services). For more information, please contact Alison at and our site on CUNY Commons.

In Spring 2019 we will be reading Oppression and the Body: Roots, Resistance, and Resolutions edited by Christine Caldwell and Lucia Bennett Leighton.

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