A student’s disruptive behavior (i.e., hostile or inappropriate remarks, repeated lateness, frequent interruptions, walking around the room, slamming books on the desk) may present a challenge to the faculty member’s resourcefulness and patience and may subvert the teaching process and interfere with other students’ learning. 
When a student is defiant it is essential to avoid confrontation in the classroom. In this setting, the student may feel a need to save face and may not back down in front of other students. If the student is violent, faculty are advised to avoid escalating the situation, speak calmly and avoid physical contact.  
Some suggestions for dealing with disruptive students:

  • Ask the student to leave the classroom with you and escort him/ her to a place where you can talk privately
  • If the student is unwilling to leave the classroom to talk with you, contact the security office and request assistance
  • After a disruptive episode in which a counselor has not been involved, the following suggestions are made to help resolve a crisis:

    -   Consult with the Vice President of Student Affairs Office (x5563).  
    -   In addition you can complete and submit an incident report to the Assessment and Care Team (ACT). Please go to the following website to complete a report: 

*It is helpful if you keep an accurate records of what has transpired in the classroom 
* NOTE: Any reference to suicide is serious and a referral to counseling is strongly advised. You should not leave the student alone if he/she manifests suicidal intent. Please walk the student to the counseling office or call Public Safety. Alternatively, students could be walked to the Health Services Office.