How to Enroll

Waiting List Applications are available below or the center's office--Room V105.  You are welcome to print a copy and then bring in your form so that your child can be added to the waiting list.  All waiting list forms will be time stamped when they arrive at the center to ensure that the waiting list is kept in a first come first served order.


Waitlist Application Form


New Parent Registration Process

We are so glad that you would like to enroll your child in our program.  New Parent Registration takes place each semester or module.  Parents are encouraged to put their child's name on the waiting list at least one semester in advance from the time you will need child care.  To make the registration process more convenient, we have streamlined our process and now ask new parents to submit their College Schedule (in CUNY First format) prior to registration.  Schedules will be placed in the same order as names on our waiting list.  We will notify parents by phone if there is a space for their child.  At that time, an appointment will be scheduled.  If you miss your scheduled appointment, we will move on to the next family on our waiting list.   Submitting a college schedule does not mean that you will have a secured spot for your child.  Only after you are called for an appointment, have met with a staff person and have been approved will your child be considered registered.  Once payment is received your child will be considered enrolled.

Here is a list of documents that you will need to provide if you are selected for an appointment: 

Your child's original Birth Certificate

Your child's Immunization Record

A valid KBCC Student ID

$30 deposit to hold a space for your child

Income verification such as: 

        Two consecutive bi-weekly pay stubs or four consecutive pay stubs

                             IRS Tax records 1040 or 1040A

                             Four consecutive unemployment pay  stubs

                             EPFT receipt and IM or Medicaid Card

                             Public Assistance breakdown

                             SSI receipts