Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you located?
The Writing Center is located on the second floor of Robert J. Kibbee Library, room L-219. If you
enter from the main entrance, which brings you past the security office, our door is to the right side
of the ramp. However, if you enter from the ramp, our door is on the left side of it.

2. What do you offer?
The Center for Academic Writing Success offers a variety of free tutoring. This includes:
  • Walk-in & express tutoring
  • Individual semester-long tutoring, scheduled with the same tutor
  • Designated reading and writing workshops which support the ESL/ENG sequence
  • Special reading lab hours for students in the Accelerated College ESL program (ACE)
  • Writing Fellow's Assignment Lab for students in writing-intensive and honors classes
    • Supplemental Workshops which include, but are not limited to:
    • Summarize or Analyze: What is the difference and which is best?
    • Introduction to Citation
    • Grammar Workshop
    • Tips for Effective Oral Presentation
    • Pronunciation Workshop
    • Revision Strategies for Better Developed Writing

3. What can t you do?

We do not offer editing/proofreading services. We do not fix essays or do a student's research or

4. Do I have to pay?
The service is FREE to all current KCC students.

5. Who can get help?
Only CURRENTLY REGISTERED KCC & Continuing Education students are eligible to use our services.

6. How can students receive help?
  • Walk-In tutoring is available to students who show up at CAWS on a first come first serve basis.
    The session can last from 30 to 55 minutes.
  • Express tutoring is offered to students who also show up on a first come, first serve basis;
    however, the session will only last up to 25 minutes.
  • Individual tutoring is available for students who sign up for the entire semester wherein they
    attend once a week for 55 minutes.
7. What if I feel that one hour a week of individual tutoring is not enough for me?
On the written recommendation of your professor, students can receive an additional session once
the Center has the tutor availability. Please remember that individual students can also attend walkin
sessions to supplement their individual sessions.

8. What should I do if I can t make it to my scheduled individual tutoring appointment?
If a student misses two sessions without notifying us, he or she will be dropped immediately, and
have to reapply.

9. Can I sign up ahead of time for a walk-in?
Unfortunately, students cannot sign up ahead of time. It is strictly on a first come, first serve basis.

10. When can I sign up for individual tutoring?
It is preferred that students sign up for individual tutoring as soon as possible because tutor
availability fills up quickly. In the spring and fall semesters, you can register for the first four weeks of
the semester. In the winter and summer modules, registration is opened for the first two weeks.

11. What do I need to walk with?
The most important thing to bring to your tutorial is an openness to work on your writing! Other
things that help make a tutorial successful are:
  • The assignment sheet
  • Any class notes or course texts that pertain to the assignment
  • Any written work you have done so far related to your assignment
12. Can I drop off a paper for a tutor to fix/revise?
NO. There is no drop off service available; all sessions are conducted in person. We also do not fix
or revise papers. (Please refer to What can t you do? )

13. How is the session conducted?
It is important for students to take responsibility for the aim of the tutoring session. Again, we
request that students bring the assignment handout, class notes, or other related writing and
material from the class so that the tutor will know the context of the assignment.
Here are some ways students and tutors work together to foster student responsibility for their own
  • Reading essays out loud; serving as an attentive listener
  • Discussing ideas with the paper and developing them further
  • Re-organizing a paper, and deciding more carefully what to tell first, second, or third
  • Discussing and analyzing in-class readings, and addressing those parts that are confusing
  • Discussing the goal and expectations of the assignment
  • Reviewing professor's comments about a student's writing; working toward meaningful revision
  • Identifying error patterns in writing; connect errors to intention

14. Would you tell me when the tutor I worked with before is free?
Unfortunately, it is the Center's policy to not make a tutor's schedule available because it can change
at any time and without notice.

15. Would I be able to get the same tutor every time because he/she knows about my paper?
We are unable to guarantee that. There may be instances when the tutor is on another assignment.
As such, we encourage students to work with whomever is available. The tutors have the ability to
work with a student's paper at any stage of revision. The fear that the previous tutor already knows
your work can be handled by the student describing any previous revision work and suggestions that
have already been incorporated. Describing your own work to the tutor is an important aspect of the
revision process and we encourage it.

16. How many times can I come in for help?
Walk-in and express students are allowed two (2) sessions per day. If you have an individual
assignment, you are committing to attend your session once per week for the entire semester. Please
note that students with individual appointments are allowed the two walk-in sessions per day in
addition to their weekly commitment.

17. I have no paper to work on; can I still come in to practice my English?
You might better benefit from one of the Center's supplemental workshops to focus on grammar or
pronunciation. If you are looking for a conversational group, the ESL Support Services is available in
room D-102.

18. Do you help with non-academic writing?
YES! We help with school and scholarship application essays, statements of purpose, cover letters,
and other professional correspondence. If you need to review your resume, please visit KCC's Career
Development office in room C-102.

19. How can I make the most of CAWS?

  • Schedule your appointment so that there is enough time to revise before the paper is due.
  • Don't cancel! No matter where you are in the process, no matter how little you have written we
    can help. An hour spent planning and prioritizing will help you work efficiently.
  • And relax! Tutors are very experienced and can help you allay your fears. They're here to help
    and are happy to do so.
20. I m in an honors or a writing intensive course; is this where I would find help for my papers?
Tutors work with the general student population, which of course includes honors and students in
writing intensive courses as well. CAWS is for all students enrolled in KCC, no matter their program or
distinction. However, students in honors or writing intensive courses have the additional resource of
Writing Fellows, who also conduct tutorials in L219. Students who are in honors or writing intensive
courses come to L219 to schedule appointments with Writing Fellows, much as they would with any
other tutor. Writing Fellows are graduate doctoral students from the CUNY Graduate Center who
have a special affiliation with the honors and writing intensive programs.

21. Can I see someone with expertise in my major?
CAWS tutors are writing tutors, not subject tutors, though they're trained to help students with
academic writing from all courses. They cannot tell you if your facts are correct or if your ideas are
right, but they can help you express your ideas as clearly and effectively as possible.

22. Where do I find tutoring for courses like Math and Accounting?
All Content Area Courses: Tutorial Services in L-605
Math Skills Lab (Walk-In service) in F-206

23. Does CAWS tutor students with disabilities?
YES! We assist the entire student population. The Center is also equipped with ADA approved desks
to accommodate persons in wheel chairs.

24. Are there other available resources for students with disabilities?
YES! The office of Access-Ability Services (AAS) is dedicated to opening doors of equal opportunity to
individuals with disabilities at Kingsborough Community College. AAS assists students with
documented disabilities by determining their eligibility for services and then working with students to
determine reasonable accommodations and services, which will, in turn, give them equal access to
the college. They are located in room D205.

25. When are you open?
Fall & Spring
Mon Thurs | 8:00am 10:00pm
Fri | 8:00am 3:00pm
Sat | 10:20am 3:00pm
Winter & Summer
Mon Thurs | 8:30am 10:00pm

26. Do you open for finals?
YES! The Writing Center is opened during finals with limited tutors. During fall and spring we open
Monday Thursday 9:00 am 5:00 pm, Friday 9:00 am 3:00 pm, and Saturday 10:00 am 3:00
pm. In the winter and summer modules, we open 9:00 am 4:00 pm on the day of finals.

27. Can we just come to study or use the computers here?
If you currently utilize the Center's services, you are allowed to study in the student lounge and also
use the computers. All students have to register with an administrative staff member before
proceeding to any of these noted areas. If you do not, you will be asked to leave. If you are not
currently enrolled in CAW's services, you may use these facilities only at the discretion of the
administrative staff.

28. Can we print in here?
Unfortunately, student printing is not available. You will need to print in the various student
computer centers. If you need to print your paper for tutoring, you will need to do so before the
session begins.

29. Can the tutor read the paper on my laptop?
It is up to the tutor. Some tutors are only comfortable reading a hard copy of your paper. A tutoring
session is the student's chance to evaluate his or her paper. It is hoped that you will take your own
notes on the issues you discuss with the tutor and reflect on the feedback before decisions on what
to change.

30. How can I become a tutor?
Any non-KCC student or individual with grade A in college-level English courses, and/or experience in
teaching/tutoring can apply. We hire during the spring and fall semesters if there is need.
Applications are only accepted via Career Opportunities on KCC's website. The vacancy is listed as
Tutor (College Assistant) English Reading and Writing Center. You will then follow the instructions
for application to submit your interest.

31. What if I have a suggestion for the Center for Academic Writing Success?
Tell your tutor, or contact us at