Russian Bath

I was looking for a story. I interviewed this lady. Her name is Zina, she's a director and co founder of the Russian Bating House in Coney Island. I found the story very interesting because she keeps Russian baby traditions and she created a place where Russian people can get together and actually socialize. It's really good for the younger generation because they get a better chance to get to know Russian culture and actually to learn Russian. B is the Russian word for the spa, for the Tom. People come here not only to sweat or to steam. People come here to socialize. The Russian bath, also known as banya, has been around since medieval times and is considered a national pastime, but you don't have to be in Russia to enjoy it. The Mermaid Spa, located just a block from the beach, and Coney Island is one of several bans in Brooklyn. In Russia's early days, most homes do not have their own bathing facilities. Families went to the bans to bathe. This is before indoor plumbing, this is before of hygiene. Certainly going to the Ba for a good sweat was also considered a way of treating illnesses. It was called the People's Dr. The banya is considered to be overall a good thing for your breathing, a good thing for your lungs, a good thing for your circulation, and just generally make you feel refreshed. The temperature is about 100, 7,080 degrees, and relative humidity is about 45 to 50% It's not wet and it's not dry, it's very comfortable. Many believe that the contrast between heat and cold helps blood circulation and improves organ health. Just getting a nice sweat, feeling like you're getting the toxins out. Getting everything out, and you feel a little bit lighter when you come out and makes you more awake. It really like brightens everything up. Another essential part of the Russian bath is the venik, made of oak or birch twigs. Fathers lightly beat each other with the venik, which massages and warms the body. Improving blood circulation, metabolism, and skin elasticity. It's great. My muscles relax. I feel like newborn like a baby. During Russian winters, one would jump into the snow or an icy pool after a good sweat. But here you can sit in Una snow, have snow on the wall. It's pretty cool my first time here. It's very unique experience. The Bonn have changed over the past 100 years. The banya is more and more associated with a way of relaxing and having fun and that includes serving Russian comfort food. Russian favorite such as sausages, potatoes and eggs. The same food that people eat back home in Russia is usually when I'm here, I meet my friends and we are having a good time together. It is a part of the social life and of the community. People really appreciate it. For anyone who wants to relax Russian style, there are several banyas to choose from in Brooklyn. Come over, can you tie? Thank you.

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