NY Aquarium

We are at New York Aquarium located in Coney Alley, New York. I'd like to say one of the best places on Earth. I missed the sea line so much you don't understand. It's been a while since I've seen. I think he's upped his game in terms of how many tricks he knows. This industry wise is a big thing for all of us to build the confidence. A it's great learning experience to look at the sea horses. The best part of my job is to come into the lobby as the kids are coming in, before they see anything, they're already chanting, We're going to see sharks, we're going to see walruses, we're going to see jellyfish. To come to the aquarium is really the first time a lot of these kids get to be up close and immersed in a natural moment, playing host to 750,000 people a year. The New York Aquarium is Brooklyn's number one cultural institution, to 12,000 animals representing over 300 species. The aquarium has a key role in not only entertaining its patrons, but educating them on the spectrum of wildlife in New York waters. Through its seascape program, we're actually on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. The wilderness that we're talking about, the marine wilderness that we want to get people excited about is right here. It's really surprising that they have so many fish that are free from here. I didn't know that that absolutely we want a, understand it better. We want to be understand what needs to be done to preserve it and bring it back to great numbers and great diversity. And C, we want to be very effective in mobilizing New York public to realize that this is their heritage and that they can get involved with the Wildlife Conservation Society to make a real difference. The aquarium and interesting, they have new events every single day. We do feedings of our penguins and we do feedings of our sea otters, our walruses. We also have a 4D theater. You can touch horseshoe crabs, you can touch sea urchins, you can touch whelks and other variety of animals that we collect from the local Jamaica Bay. It's also a way to learn about, again, about your local environment. The crown jewel of its 14 acre space is its most famous attraction, the Aqua Theater for daily shows of its star sea lions and their trainers while visitors, the biggest thing that we have on the boards right now is our Ocean Wonders Exhibit, which is a huge 50,000 square foot new shark exhibit that we'll be breaking ground on in just about a year and a half. With the installation and opening of the Ocean Wonders Exhibit, the aquarium hopes visitors can better understand these apex predators of the sea. The aquarium is here 365 days a year. We're here throughout thick and thin, cold weather, warm weather. We represent an anchor in a way that almost nobody else does. Here is a nice place, This is the very nice job. There is no place like the New York aquarium. Absolutely not. No. Whether it's just donating to the cause, joining the WCS, or even studying marine sciences in school. The New York Aquarium makes it easy to inspire people to make a positive impact on wild life on our shores and all over the world. If that's not enough, every Friday is pay what you wish, admission. I invite everybody to come down here and enjoy the aquarium, not just Friday afternoon, but any day during the week.

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