Navigating Career Wave

Career wave is King's pearls online job sport that allows you to search and apply for part time and full time jobs as well as in turn ships this brief E.T.O. will demonstrate how to navigate the site. To create an account go to K B C C dash Yes Amdocs and to City dot com forward slash students you can also click on any career wave icon on the grid development website to get to the registration page click on sign up to continue. To complete the registration form your student ID is your employer ID number which can be found on your student ID card be sure to complete all required fields for email notifications and resume books be sure to check yes to receive email notifications and include in resume books email notifications update you on your career events new jobs and internships and important career information resume books allows employers to Few your resume for potential job opportunities. You know your email address must be verified in order for you to utilize simplicity. Lock into your e-mail and look for a message from the career center as directed in the email visit the link to confirm your e-mail address once approved within 24 to 48 hours you will receive an email with a link to create your password click on the link only once or the system will lock you out. Once you've successfully chosen your password you will be taken to your home page click on get started to start completing your profile the more information you put in the better you will see more jobs and internships that relate to you once your profile is updated you'll need to upload your resume click on the upload resume link. You'll be prompted to upload your resume and submit your resume must be uploaded and approved in order to apply for jobs in internships. To search for jobs. Click on C.S. some jobs on the left you can look at the list provided or search using keywords location or even do a more advanced search Remember though you can view these jobs you will not be able to apply if your resume isn't approved. Stopped by see one or 2 for further assistance and to make an appointment with a career adviser once you have a draft of your resume and or cover letter or for interview.

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