Nail Your Elevator Pitch

Hello everyone. My name is living. I'm the internship advisor at the career Office at Berg Community College. Today we're going to be talking about the elevator pitch. What is it and why should I have one? Let's start with those basics. So an elevator pitch is exactly what you would think it would be. It is a pitch. You are selling your personal brand to a potential employer within the span of an elevator, right? It is short, it is sweet, and it's concise. So why should I have one? The reason why you should have one is because it's always good to be prepared. You never know what is going to be a great opportunity for you, your goals or your personal brand to a potential employer where they can give their pros and voiced them or you can make a new connection. So let's set the scene. You're in a building or meeting or lunch, you just so happens to be in the right place at the right time. When the CEO of a company that you've always wanted to work for in a field that is your dreams field, comes into the elevator, are you going to look flabbergasted or are you going to take this opportunity to really show who you are? I would hope that it'll be the second I know what you're thinking. What am I supposed to say to the CEO? Well, follow these five tips. Show who you are and what your professional interests are. Do you enjoy coding? Do you like writing? Do you like editing videos? Are your skills at typing superior to others? These are things that you can actually write about. Not too much, but yes. This is your time to shine the strengths you want to promote. Do you have a four point GPA? Are you independent? Are you strong? Are you resilient? These are the skills that employers are actually interested. It's not all about the hard skills, but also the soft skills. Step three is an action step. This is what you tell the employer, why exactly you're speaking to them. I would love to know more about your company. I would love to know what kind of opportunities your company offers. Does your company offer an internship? These are things to ask them or maybe you just want to find out what their path was like so that maybe you can follow suit. The next step is to edit and practice your elevator pitch. You want to be able to just say this on the fly. You don't want to sit there and have, you're going to be nervous as you practice and practice and practice some more, it's eventually just going to come naturally. Practice on your friends, practice on your mob, practice on your dog. Whoever it is that you want to practice on, please do so. Somebody who supports your goal, we have the career office are willing to help if you need help with your elevator pitch, mock interviews or anything career related to you to help. Over there you will find a sample elevator pitch, as simple as that. Hello, my name is Nicola Jackson, I'm currently a senior at Boys and Girls High School. I'm pursuing a career into the transportation industry. I'm very outgoing and able to work independently and work well in situations where I'm under pressure is demonstrated. My last job as a cashier at the busy store, as a cashier was able to accurately handle money and interact positively with a lot of different people. I'm fluid in Spanish and I have a good attendance at school, which shows that I'm dedicated. It's short and sweet and concise. It has a beginning, middle, and end. One thing that I would love to add to this though, is, as we mentioned, that call to action. I would love to exchange cards with you so that I can email you and maybe ask you a few questions about the industry. Well, I would love to know more about the opportunities that your company has. These are different things that you can add to the elevator page, but try not to keep it more than that. Don't forget to follow up on our social media platforms where we give advice. We provide opportunities such as job opportunities, internship opportunities. We show different events that are going on within our office. So be sure to check that out. All right guys. I hope that you all stay safe. Bye.

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