How to Ace the Job Interview

Afterwards thank you for coming in it's nice to meet you too. I'll be interviewing you today. And I was here a little late that you know that the interview was actually at 1 o'clock. We don't have too much time to interview but I just want if you could tell me a little bit about yourself I like to draw probably I'm going to be graphic design and everything that I also like to play video games I'm really good at it like one of my favorite games like Call of Duty and pretty accomplished with that. Do you have a resume Oh yes here it is thank you. All right Mr will hire me it looks like you have a lot of experience. I see you've maintained some files you schedule appointments you have something some computer skills as well right. Now to experience that than there was jobs. So let's get started tell me a little bit about yourself Well 1st of all let me said thank you for taking this battle to be it's one of those where I became interested in this job ever since I took a course which was in a rage and I was wanting to help students learn the possible story of parts that make it it's like. Your biggest weakness. I get distracted really. Really like to do a lot of work sometimes I'm interested in it and I'll go at it and then after a while it's just I don't want to do it anymore if everything was less boring I'd probably be more interested but sometimes it's don't really do any work or anything like that. Could you tell me if you have a weakness and a little bit about that weakness. Is I would set out to my biggest weakness is that I can sometimes sometimes take on too many projects at once Well I do it sometimes I can become overwhelmed and I may not be able to finish all the projects that's I had started but I'm learning to take on the projects that I like I'm going to turn on those that I would not be able to fit in. What your biggest strengths like I said I was really really good in quality like I beat the game we just got black ops and I would be there and like about 3 days so I thought I was like really proud of myself. My 2nd. Sorry. What is your biggest strength I would set up my positive attitude is my biggest strengths for example once I'm out of work last month I was late because the train was delayed but I kept a positive attitude on a date certain I was very good. And we were able to let your employer know about that yes I called my employer and let him know that I was going to be late. Yeah let's just move on can you just tell me about a time. When you had to overcome a challenge in your life I don't really have any challenges everything pretty easily I mean when someone told me I could enjoy your point anything I was like. Have you ever had a time when you faced a challenge that you over overcame. I would say that. Work at a call center and one time 3 months ago actually I fall across from Earth so. So request to leave because so many people are very angry and started to curse me I did not know what to do but I knew that I had to keep my cool so I listened to the cost of money when it was finished I finally out so what was too upset about I think that he just wanted someone to listen to his complaints and not to dismiss him like our other callers had done before. So you were able to sympathize or empathize with us a bit. And you have any questions for me. Do you have any questions for me because I was reading online doubts your company is great in so in your system online students so look at various employment opportunities I would like to know what are the benefits of those different from this new system OK yes we are it's good that you looked at our website we're updating to something called Mesa link and it's supposed to help students with various you know skills gives them give them some certain tools to you know build skills for their upcoming job and also help them search for jobs. Providing them with the space to put all that information. Was nice to me. And you know call you if you're interested. In. Any other questions so that's to. Thank you for your time thank you for coming in thank you for having me and we will get in touch with you in a little while to let you know whether or not they would like you to come on boy gets a. Business card.

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