Dancing Crane

Originally I thought I was going to be, you know, the cameraman and the editor. But it turns out, you know, I got the whole experience. I was able to produce, I was writing, I was interviewing. I didn't even know Georgia was a country. I thought it was only the state, so it was nice learning about their history and their culture and things like that. Their music is really good. The best experiences I've had was and planning behind the scenes and planning with my teammates, everybody joked around. We had our laughs. So it was a good time. Okay, New York, it's like the multicolor city with different cultures and we want to bring the new color to the city, which is a Georgian culture. For the Cyril Sons, nothing embodies Georgian culture and history better than its tradition of dance. In 1996, Dancer Victory founded the Dancing Crane, which is dedicated to teaching Georgian performing arts and culture. These are top professionals in Georgia, world class musicians, dancers and our singers. Because we have the best artists to do the teaching, they learn as good as they could. If they were in Georgia. Boys and girls learn about Georgian traditions of respect and courtship through dance. Georgian folk dance reflects relationship between women and men all the time. We dance separate and the swart things and tricks and this is everything for women. Actually, my name is Nicolo Si, Sabia Si, and I've been dancing for five years. I practice a lot and I take it really seriously. I love it a lot. In addition to Georgian dance, the dancing crane also offers folk music lessons on traditional Georgian instruments, as well as Georgian theater and language classes. My kids go to theater class and the Georgian classes here and the study Georgian alphabets and reading, which really helps the kids to be bilingual. Work with the kids is very important thing because it's a new generation and we have to see them as much as we can to show some other people how great our dance is and how great our singing is and everything. Georgia. It's our mission. Students of the dancing crane also perform in the US and internationally. On November 13, 2011, some of the dancing crane students performed for renowned Georgian ballerina, Nina Ananiah. I think it was wonderful evening George. Folk dance is really unique, Give us different temperament musical years. We have this inside of our blood. Students at the dancing crane are not only taught arts and culture, they're taught the importance of hard work and dedication. I think the kids will be very proud and grateful that they will learn all of this. And it is very good for the future. For our future. The dancing crane is very focused on keeping Georgian culture alive and reaching out to a broader community for us is very significant. I love this. I got in because I love dancing when I see children and adults being moved and honored by this work. What more is there.

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