Brighton Ballet

Today we were doing a piece on the Brighton Ballet School. We got numerous interviews. Good amount of B roll classes, rehearsals, students who are just enthusiastic to be there. It was a success I would love to join. Actually get some point shoes and 22 and hello. This is definitely diving projects. Whatever I'm getting from it, I'm keeping it for life. The Brighton Ballet Theater and School of Russian Ballet has been serving the Brooklyn community for over 25 years today. The school is located on the campus of Kings World Community College, and caters to over 500 boys and girls, creating the school. It's been a dream since I was a child. All I had when I started the school is the teacher. I had three kids that were taking classes, two of my own, so it's five children and two pianos. That's as the years passed, the school grew and relocated several times to accommodate the increasing number of students. It was at the Shore front Y for 16 years until the center could no longer handle the school's growth, gave them a 50 day eviction notice. You're basically staying in the middle of the street and you say, my God, where I'm going to take all these kids and all these families. Then a door opened at Kingsborough Community College. We've founded a very good community partner. Anytime that a community college provides a partnership with their community, it's a good thing for the school residing on the Kingsborough Campus for over seven years now. The school has become a community dance and after school, Haven, my daughter Crystal, has been involved with Bright Valley for the past about six years. It has affected her both academically and otherwise. It's very important because this is a very big support for the parents, to save children from the street, from the drugs, from the alcohol. I've been dancing since I was ten years old. My mom didn't want me to hang out around with guys because this age, when you change, she decided to put me in Malay school and I found so many friends and I like it a lot. I started coming here when I was like four and I'm 16 right now. So like I can't imagine myself anywhere else at this point. Brighton Ballets the best of the best when it comes to quality instructors. Most instructors come from the former Soviet Union and have all completed a mandatory eight years of schooling. Love children can see the eyes, like, who can you teacher, tell me more and show me, can I do that? I love the Brighton Ballet has had several students graduate to continue on as professional dancers for companies like the San Francisco Ballet and the Maryland Ballet. In 2011, another one of Farina's dreams came true. We haven't been entering ballet competitions because we always felt that we're not ready. Then came this ten year old wonder, a gymnast turned ballerina in just one month, he has good character. We need for ballet competition. Exactly. Strong character. Strong will, she's good. She winner. Jessica brought the Brighton Ballet School, their first competition win. It felt great. I wanted to do more and I wanted to show them what I've got. We want to go for more competitions right away. It gives us some a lift. One of Brighton Ballet's big lifts every year is their production of the Nutcracker. Since 1995, the school has performed a unique version of the play that includes diverse styles of dance from around the world. It is a very professional production. I've seen it several times myself. I love it. I love to see my daughter represent her culture and the productions. Diversity and accessibility to the arts are priorities for the Brighton Ballet, and it awards scholarships to students in need. You see them growing and looking beautiful. You get happy.

It's like your own kids. She does this great job for community and for those kids and getting them involved in all kind performances and stuff like that. She's taken a school from a small school and to where it is today. I think she's an amazing woman. Every community has its own little am it doesn't matter if it's Brighton Valet or any other school, just stay close to art.

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