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Career Development Center and Experiental Learning

Center for Career Development and Experiential Learning

Our Career Development Center offers various resources to assist you in your job search and career exploration. In addition to this website, the Center offers you many different opportunities for you to develop your career goals including help with choosing a major, workshops, internships, job search assistance, and self-assessment.

Our Mission
The mission of The Office of Career Development at Kingsborough Community College is to provide career services to students and alumni through career exploration, professional resources and programming. Career Advisors are available to give students individualized assistance to develop career goals including help with choosing a major, workshops, internships, and job search assistance. The office also provides a multitude of programs and events, such as job fairs, on-campus recruitment and information sessions, which allow students to explore various career opportunities.

Our Vision
Kingsborough Community College students and graduates will be equipped to make informed career choices.

Who do we Serve?
The Career Development Center provides career counseling, career exploration and employment opportunities to all students throughout their educational pursuits at Kingsborough Community College. The Center staff also maintains collaborative relationships with faculty as they provide a variety of in-class workshops and presentations. Another primary function of the Career Center is to serve as the liaison between the College and prospective employers.


  • career peers
Career Peers are a team of students that serve as liaisons between the Office of Career Development, Transfer/New Start, and Scholarship Opportunities and the students of Kingsborough Community College. Career Peers are trained to assist other students with cover letters, resumes, and interviews. They also play an integral part in promoting the resources of the Office by conducting workshops and presentations and in preparing for career or transfer events.
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